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Jim Acosta just can't ignore 'CNN sucks!' chants at Trump rally — and hits back with gusto: 'What also sucks' is 'getting the coronavirus'


That's gonna leave a mark

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @brianstelter

CNN's Jim Acosta is far from an unfamiliar sight to supporters of President Donald Trump, due to his over-the-top, showboating questions — primarily during White House press conferences — that have become a news focal point all their own.

But some outbursts need no microphone to be heard by millions.

'CNN sucks!'

Like the famed "CNN sucks!" chants that are frequently audible on the cable network's own broadcasts of Trump rallies — and particularly when Acosta is doing the in-person reporting.

Remember in 2018 when the elephant was just too big for the room, and CNN actually ran a headline with its video about Acosta getting "heckled" at a Trump rally?

CNN reporter Jim Acosta heckled at Trump rally youtu.be


It also happened in 2016 the night before Trump's victorious election— although Acosta isn't in this clip:

Scranton rally for Trump yells "CNN sucks!" youtu.be

Indeed, it would appear the history of that chant at least runs side by side with the Trump presidency.

Jim hits back hard

Acosta on Monday was on the ground in Sanford, Florida, for Trump's first rally since he contracted COVID-19 earlier this month, and as Acosta was chatting with anchor Wolf Blitzer about the goings on, the live feed caught that familiar chant once again: "CNN sucks! CNN sucks! CNN sucks!"

But this time Acosta wasn't going to let it slide without some pushback.

While the screen heading noted few masks and no social distancing were seen at the rally, Acosta gave his sermon: "And as this crowd is chanting that there are members of the press here who suck, I should also point out, Wolf, what also sucks: getting the coronavirus."

Here's the clip courtesy of CNN's Brian Stelter:

Blitzer chimed in that "clearly" the coronavirus is "not disappearing; it's getting a whole lot worse."

How did folks react?

The newest "CNN sucks!" clip has been viewed over 150,000 times since it was posted Monday, and while numerous commenters agreed with Acosta, others reflected the chant's sentiments:

"Again with the fake news? They were not chanting at 'members of the press.' They were saying 'CNN' SUCKS! They were pointing out that @Acosta specifically SUCKS!" one commenter noted.

Another commenter added an apparent photo of Acosta at the rally — and without wearing his mask:

Image source: Twitter, redacted

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