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Jonah Hill's ex-girlfriend accuses him of being an 'emotionally abusive' fake feminist, but many are defending the actor: 'Dodged a bullet'
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Jonah Hill's ex-girlfriend accuses him of being an 'emotionally abusive' fake feminist, but many are defending the actor: 'Dodged a bullet'

Jonah Hill's ex-girlfriend is accusing the Hollywood actor of being "emotionally abusive." However, many people are defending Hill, and saying the celebrity actor did absolutely nothing wrong.

Hill dated Sarah Brady from August 2021 until early 2022. However, Brady waited more than a year to air dirty laundry from the previous relationship with Hill.

Brady blasted Hill in several Instagram Story posts between Friday and Saturday. She called Hill an "emotionally abusive partner."

Brady, a surfer instructor and law student, shared alleged screenshots of text messages between her and Hill.

“This is a warning to all girls. If your partner is talking to you like this, make an exit plan. Call me if you need an ear," Brady wrote, and included a purported text message conversation of Hill asking his then-girlfriend to remove Instagram photos of her "ass in a thong."

Hill also allegedly listed "boundaries" of actions that he preferred his long-term girlfriend not to engage in:

  • Surfing with men
  • Boundaryless friendships with men
  • To modeling
  • To post pictures of yourself in a bathing suit
  • To post sexual pictures
  • Friendships with women who are in unstable places

Hill allegedly said that he is "not the right partner" for Brady if she needs these actions.

"If these things bring you to a place of happiness I support it and there will be no hard feelings," Hill purportedly wrote. "These are my boundaries for a romantic relationship."

Only weeks ago, Hill welcomed his first child with his current girlfriend Olivia Miller, and Brady addressed the birth.

"I hope my ex has a daughter," she said of Hill. "Maybe she'll turn him into a real feminist because the fact that he calls himself a feminist now is laughable."

Brady admitted that she has "genetic mental illness" and "diagnosed with bipolar type 1 disorder."

Brady said she struggles with mental health, but does not use it to "control" people.

Brady wrote, "It's been a year of healing and growth with the help of loved ones and doctors to get back to living my life without guilt, shame and self-judgment for things as small as surfing in a swimsuit rather than a more conservative wetsuit. And I'm sure there's still much more healing from this abuse ahead of me."

"And there's still more healing from this abuse ahead of me," she claimed.

Brady's explanation for attacking Hill long after the relationship: "Sharing this publicly now because keeping it to myself was causing more damage to my mental health than sharing it could ever do."

Reps for Hill did not immediately reply to a request for comment from Page Six.

Many people supported Jonah Hill online after the accusations surfaced.

BlazeTV host of "The News & Why It Matters" Sara Gonzales: "This is not emotional abuse. Sounds like Jonah dodged a bullet."

Conservative rapper Bryson Gray: "I see absolutely nothing wrong with this text. Pretty tame and straight forward. Isn’t this what women ask for?"

YouTuber An0maly: "He couldn’t have possibly been more polite in his preference & boundaries. Read his text. Respectful & giving her the easy option to leave. Never date a feminist or a liberal woman."

Author Shireen Qudosi: "As a woman I completely respect this and wish more men had this kind of integrity. Jonah Hill is looking for a partner who respects herself. That isn’t misogyny. It’s dignity."

YouTuber Destiny: "Ice cold take: these DMs make Jonah Hill seem way more sane and reasonable than I would honestly ever expect a man to act in DMs, A+ handling from him on setting and communicating boundaries appropriately in a relationship. He dodged a bullet from a controlling woman if she felt the need to expose these and thought they made him look bad."

Relationship coach Pat Stedman: "Respectfully stating your boundaries is emotional abuse."

YouTuber Markus Meechan: "The reaction Jonah Hill's texts, where apparently you need to just let your girlfriend act and do whatever she wants and you are not allowed to have any boundaries at all or you are a controlling misogynist makes me so thankful that I left the dating pool a long time ago. It's rough out there."

Media strategist Misha Fitton: "Wait… So Jonah Hill set up his expectations in a respectful and organized way… and he’s the bad guy? What am I missing here?"

A Twitter user said: "Jonah seems like he wants a wife. That text seems very reasonable and fine."

Another user added: "I am straight up not a Jonah Hill fan in any way, but there is nothing wrong with this list. If she doesn't like it, which she clearly didn't, she could end the relationship, which apparently she did. What's the problem?"

Someone noted: "Jonah Hill being a model for healthy and mature relationship behavior is not something I had on my bingo card."

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