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Journalist describes President Biden as 'articulate and detailed,' but says this can be 'weaponized by his opponents to make him look addled and weak'

Oliver Contreras/Sipa/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Andrew Feinberg, who describes himself as a journalist, tweeted on Wednesday that President Joe Biden is "articulate and detailed" but that this can be "weaponized by his opponents to make him look addled and weak."

"Watching @POTUS, the one thing that strikes me is that he's articulate and detailed in a way that is completely inappropriate for today's media environment and easily weaponized by his opponents to make him look addled and weak," Feinberg tweeted.

"Or to put it another way, he's talking like a print newspaper guy in a TikTok world. It's a speaking style that doesn't work so hot when people have short attention spans and respond best to memes and soundbites," Feinberg continued in another tweet. "The inability of Biden's comms team to synthesize sound bite-sized slogans (remember 'Bin Laden is dead and GM is alive?') and short answers he can give is going to be a problem if they can't learn to do it before the midterms."

Based on the timestamps on the tweets, it appears that Feinberg posted the comments Wednesday during the president's lengthy press conference.

Biden claimed during the press conference that "enormous progress" has been made during his first year in office.

Some people responding to Feinberg's initial tweet disagreed with his view.

"Andrew finally killed journalism. There cannot be a more insanely delusional take than this," one account tweeted.

"Imagine saying this with a straight face," another person wrote.

"This is delusional," another tweet declared.

"Dude, he already has a press secretary. Chill," someone tweeted.

Another commenter opined that "there are lots of words to describe biden, but articulate is definitely not one of them."

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