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Joy Behar blames Jersey City anti-Semitic murders on white nationalism, appears unaware of the actual identity of the suspected shooters


Looks like crow is on the menu today

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Joy Behar, liberal co-host on "The View," said the suspects in this week's New Jersey shooting were white nationalists.

Two armed suspects opened fire Monday on a Jewish kosher market in Jersey City, New Jersey, killing at least six people, prompting a gun fight that resulted in the death of a police officer and both suspects.

It was later determined that the two suspects — a male and female who both were African American — reportedly had ties to the Black Hebrew Israelite movement. The male also reportedly shared anti-police and anti-Semitic social media posts.

What did she say?

During Wednesday's show, Behar pointed to white nationalism for the reason behind the hate crime.

"Is it anti-Semitic, what happened?" she asked guest co-host and former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R).

Christie responded by pointing out that local officials believed that the incident was a targeted attack.

"It's a really terrible thing, and we need to pray for [the slain police officer's] family," Christie responded. "Those five children lost their dad."

Behar — insistent on leading Christie into saying that the attack was because of white nationalism — added, "Yes. You will concede that the nationals — these white nationalists have been let out of their holes."

No one on the show pointed out that the suspects were not white.

Christie refused to take the bait, however, and responded in kind.

"Listen," Christie began. "It's an awful, divisive time when you are allowing folks to be able to express these kind of views, no matter who they are, no matter what the ethnic, religious bias they have. That's got no place in this country, never has, and we, all of us who feel that way, need to be speaking out against it and drown their voices out."

Chris Christie Addresses New Jersey Shooting | The Viewwww.youtube.com

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