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Joy Behar rips Facebook for refusing to block President Trump's message, says the platform 'would give Hitler his own fan page'


'This is global propaganda'

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Monday on "The View," co-host Joy Behar attacked Facebook for its policy decision to not censor false content from political ads, claiming that if Facebook were around during Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler would've had his own fan page.

Her proof? Facebook doesn't currently censor President Trump.

"I think Facebook would give Hitler his own fan page, are you kidding?" Behar exclaimed in a clip from the show posted by the Washington Examiner. "Just like all the networks gave air time to Trump before they knew what a bad idea he was. Now we know what a bad idea he is, and we know what a bad idea Hitler was, and black racism and anti-Semitism.

"So now is the time to correct the situation," she argued. "This is global propaganda. Everyone in every part of the world hears this stuff.

"Then I just realized he said they micro-target the fans. So white nationalists can just increase their numbers all over the place," she added.

Joy Behar: 'I think Facebook would give Hitler his own fan page' youtu.be

Behar is a particularly outspoken Trump detractor. She recently called for Trump to be "brought up on charges of hate speech" — which can't happen because of a little thing called the First Amendment — boasted about bullying Trump supporters while on vacation, and got into a heated exchange with the president's son, Donald Trump Jr., during his guest appearance on the show.

The Examiner also noted that this is not the first time she has compared Trump to Hitler. Back in July, Behar said that the planned immigration raids under Trump were similar to the roundup of Jews in Nazi Germany.

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