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Joy Reid freaks out in wake of SCOTUS ruling
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Joy Reid freaks out in wake of SCOTUS ruling

While Reid's fellow travelers have spent recent years tearing up the past, she has convinced herself that Republicans will erase the 20th century.

MSNBC talking head Joy Reid, like many of her liberal peers in the mainstream media, did her part in recent years to present President Joe Biden as capable and competent in hopes of propping him up long enough for Democrats to hold on to the White House for another term. This proved to be a colossal waste of smoke and mirrors as Biden went ahead Thursday and evidenced his mental decline for all to see in his debate with former President Donald Trump.

Reid did not handle the collapse of the illusion well, retreating during a Thursday panel conversation to the comfort of false claims about Trump.

While she managed to make it through the weekend, the U.S. Supreme Court's Monday ruling in Trump v. United States — which determined that a president cannot be charged for performing actions related to the constitutionally established powers of his office — appears to have sent her over the edge.

Reid shared a video to TikTok Monday telling her followers, "This is DEFCON 1, friends."

In her nearly 10-minute meltdown, Reid denigrated the wives of conservative Justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas; suggested only the liberals on the high court care about the Constitution; claimed the SCOTUS ruling enables presidents to arbitrarily murder their opponents and renders treason committed by a president legal; and underscored that she would rather a candidate in a vegetative state take the White House than the presumptive Republican nominee.

"There's been a lot of conversation about a certain old person — an old infirm person who had a really bad debate last week," said Reid.

According to Reid, all the related chatter about Biden's decrepitude, both in private as well as in the columns of publications like the New York Times, was rendered "completely irrelevant" by the Supreme Court's ruling.

Reid, who appears to have glossed over or altogether ignored Chief Justice John Roberts' opinion, suggested that the conservative majority on the court "just declared, days before this nation celebrates its independence presumably from the British king, that the president of the United States and a former president of the United States, that they are a king."

"They have granted monarch-like powers to Donald Trump and declared him immune from prosecution for any acts that can be declared official acts, so any acts that he conducts as president," raved Reid.

Reid regurgitated the radical interpretation provided by Justice Sonia Sotomayor in her dissenting opinion, suggesting that the majority's decision would enable Trump to use SEAL Team Six "to try to assassinate one of his political opponents so long as he did it through the auspices of the presidency."

Clearly unmoored by the debate and the ruling, Reid drifted into a scenario where Trump, having deemed Biden a national security threat, has his family murdered with drones "when they take a foreign trip."

After accusing the high court of conferring to presidents the right to arbitrarily murder their opponents while on vacation, Reid smeared Justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas' wives of being "insurrectionists." She also turned the "insurrectionist" smear on the two justices, going so far as to explicitly accuse Alito of lying about his wife's role in the New York Times' false flag story.

Despite having excitedly covered the Trump impeachment proceedings, Reid later intimated that Congress' failure to convict the object of her antipathy was proof that presidents cannot ultimately be held accountable for heir alleged crimes.

Upon convincing herself that America is now a monarchic republic with an untouchable executive branch that can execute opponents willy-nilly, Reid concluded that the "election is no longer about the old guy that's in the White House now."

"I no longer care. Doesn't matter to me anymore. It's above me now. It's above me now," continued Reid. "Don't care about Joe Biden's age, infirmity, that he shuffle [sic] when he walk [sic]. I don't care. He could be seated for the rest of, from now to Election Day and never get up off a chair. He could sit down, he could roll around in a wheelchair. ... I don't care. Donald John Trump cannot be allowed back into the White House."

Deep into Reid's rant, she had an apparent change of mind and determined that conservative Supreme Court justices are also now American kings.

"They are trying to repeal the entire 20th century," claimed Reid, "and they're doing it fast."

Reid suggested finally that people who did not agree with her were "delusional."

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