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Keith Olbermann attacks Matt Walsh, but does not answer when Walsh asks if he can provide a definition for the word 'woman'

Chris Sorensen for The Washington Post via Getty Images

Leftist Keith Olbermann attacked conservative commentator Matt Walsh on Wednesday, suggesting that Walsh should leave the U.S. — Olbermann also apparently drew a parallel between Walsh and the Taliban.

Olbermann's attack came in response to Walsh saying that there is no way to share a nation with individuals who advocate for radical leftist gender ideology and refuse to decry infanticide.

"These hearings on abortion are instructive. The liberal witnesses have refused to condemn infanticide, refused to define the word 'woman,' and claimed that men can get pregnant. We cannot share a country with these people. There can be no unity. They are lunatics and monsters," Walsh tweeted. "I don't respect them. I have nothing in common with them. I detest everything they believe and stand for. They feel the same about me. We simply cannot go on this way," he added.

"Easy fix: get your useless ass out of the United States of America. We didn't miss the confederacy. We won't miss you and the other American Taliban, @MattWalshBlog," Olbermann tweeted.

"I'd love to continue this conversation, Keith, but first I have to know if you're able to define the word 'woman.' Please advise," Walsh responded.

As of Thursday evening, Olbermann has not responded to Walsh.

Walsh has a "What Is a Woman?" documentary, as well as a book. The seemingly simple question, which anyone with a modicum of common sense should be able to answer, helps to highlight the absurdity of left-wing gender ideology.

Sarah Lopez, a witness at a House Oversight Committee hearing on Wednesday, said that getting an abortion was "the best decision" of her life and "an act of self-love."

When Republican Rep. Ralph Norman of South Carolina asked if she supported infanticide, the murder of a child after birth, she said that she did not agree with the question's basis, but that she does "believe that abortion is health care."

During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday, University of California, Berkeley School of Law professor Khiara M. Bridges spoke of individuals who have a "capacity for pregnancy." Republican Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri noted her use of the terminology and asked if it referred to women.

"Many women, cis women, have the capacity for pregnancy," but others do not, she said. She then said that "trans men" and "non-binary people" are also able to have a pregnancy.

As the exchange with Hawley continued, Bridges eventually described the lawmaker's "line of questioning" as "transphobic."

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