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Leftist woman screams, 'F*** you, fascist!' at cop — then spits in his face. And boy, does she ever pay for it.


Saliva projectiles in officers' faces — especially in the era of COVID-19 — aren't likely to win friends and influence people on the force

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @elizameryl

Violent leftists have been emboldened of late to openly abuse police officers on the streets — everything from the relatively mundane act of screaming profanities in their faces to stuff like trying to set them on fire and attempting to murder them in ambushes.

Well, one woman decided to add to the we-can-do-whatever-we-want trend — along with a throng of other demonstrators — while bellowing curses Wednesday night at New York City Police Department officers.

What happened?

"F*** you, fascist!" she screamed in an officer's face. And in case he didn't hear her the first time, she offered a reprise: "F*** you, fascist!"

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @elizameryl

OK then, message received. But, hey, it was nothing these cops haven't endured before.

However, the angry leftist took things a little bit too far: She proceeded to spit in the officer's face.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @elizameryl

And oh was it ever a major miscalculation.

The officer lunged forward, grabbed the woman, and appeared to throw her to the ground.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @elizameryl

The typical entitled cries of outrage followed: "You don't attack a woman!" one detractor yelled, according the New York Post.

Here's the clip. (Content warning: Language):

What happened next?

Devina Singh, 24, was arrested and charged with obstruction of governmental administration, violation of local law, and harassment, the paper said.

Singh — who hails from Schwenksville, Pennsylvania, which is about 45 minutes northwest of Philadelphia — apparently likes the civil unrest scene in the Big Apple. She was charged with resisting during a protest there in September and unlawful assembly during a protest there in October, police told the Post.

The paper added that on her since-deleted Instagram page Singh posted a photo of her arrest in New York City on Sept. 18, writing, "im so f—— mad … probs bc behind me (white shirt) is Deputy Inspector Elias J. Nikas AKA Little Dick Nik." Classy!

Anything else?

The incident was one of a number of clashes between police in protesters in Manhattan, which included a fire set in the street and taunts directed toward diners, the Post said in a separate story.

"F*** your dinner!" some chanted as they passed Jeffrey's Grocery in the West Village, the paper said.

There were 60 arrests, the Post added.

But it wasn't that way earlier, the paper said, when protesters gathered peacefully in Washington Square Park and chanted, "Count the vote."

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