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Liberal college students say President Trump is more to blame for COVID-19 than China


Because why?

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Liberal students say that President Donald Trump is more to blame for the COVID-19 pandemic than the Chinese government.

The coronavirus broke out in Wuhan, China, in December and began spreading across the globe in the following months.

At the time of this writing, at least 1,498,833 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in the world, and at least 89,733 people have died because of the deadly virus.

What are the details?

A recent poll commissioned by The College Fix found that a fair amount of Democratic students believe Trump should shoulder most of the blame for coronavirus' spread around the world. The poll was conducted on 1,000 college students across the country.

The online poll asked students, "Who has played more of a role in the global spread of coronavirus?"

The poll's answer choices were "President Trump," "the Chinese government," "both equally," and "neither/something else."

At least 27% of Democratic college students said that Trump should be blamed more. Just 15% of Democratic college students said that the Chinese government should be blamed more.

While 3% of Republican college students said they believed that Trump was more to blame, a whopping 72% said they believed that the Chinese government was more at fault.

Only 3% of Republican students polled said that they blamed the president and the Chinese government equally. And 36% of Democratic college students agreed with that statement.

What else?

The outlet reported, "A look at the results overall found that of the 1,000 college students polled, 16 percent blame President Trump more, 34[%] blame the Chinese government more, 27[%] blame both equally, and 23[%] selected neither/something else."

The organization, though College Pulse, conducted the online poll on April 6 on 1,000 students from College Pulse's undergraduate student panel. The panel includes more than 270,000 students representing more than 90 higher learning institutions across the country.

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