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Liberals lash out at Newsweek over opinion article linking transgender activism to homophobia

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Transgender activists and supporters lashed out at Newsweek on Friday after it published an opinion piece claiming some transgender extremism was motivated by homophobia.

The opinion piece penned by Ben Appel argued that some transgender activism was actually aimed at erasing homosexuality.

"Sure, the religious far right remains something of a threat, and I, like any other gay person, can still be stung by anti-gay slurs and can fear the threat of violence in less-accepting spaces. But today I am equally fearful of the radical activists I once longed to emulate, activists who push a regressive, anti-liberal agenda that reifies gender stereotypes, downplays the seriousness of long-term medicalization and ultimately seeks to abolish my identity—for without biological sex, there is no homosexuality," wrote Appel.

"Today, the least-accepting spaces for people like me are, of all places, the halls of LGBT rights organizations, where the threat might not be violence but is nevertheless terrible stigmatization and shame," he concluded.

Critics attacked Newsweek for daring to publish an article opposed to the aims of the transgender lobby.

"Nice of Newsweek to publish a 'please save the gays but destroy the trans' article. Top notch work there," tweeted one detractor.

"What the hell is this dude smoking? What kind of sick twisted view do you have to have to believe that trans kids are more accepted than gay, lesbian, and bisexual children? This is anti trans propoganda similar to the LGB Alliance. Shame on Newsweek for running this," replied one angry critic.

"The notion that people are trans just to avoid being gay, currently being legitimitized by Newsweek, is so so far from reality. Plus, it blatantly erases gay trans people. It is anti-trans bigotry, full stop," read one popular tweet.

"Hey @Newsweek would you like to explain why you published this deeply transphobic article spreading dangerous lies about trans people?" responded another critic.

Others were even more incensed when author J.K. Rowling, who has become a target of the pro-transgender lobby, tweeted the article.

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