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Liberals outraged at Vince Vaughn for speaking with President Trump. Conservatives hit back with mockery.


Oh! The horror!

Image via Twitter @bubbaprog screenshot

Actor Vince Vaughn caught flak from liberals on social media Monday after he was seen talking with President Donald Trump at the 2020 college football national championship game in New Orleans.

"I'm very sorry to have to share this video with you. All of it, every part of it," Timothy Burke wrote on Twitter, posting a video of the interaction between Vaughn and Trump that has since went viral.

In reaction, people who said Vaughn was one of their most favorite actors disavowed him, calling his meeting with Trump "gross." Other critics were more brash, simply saying, "F*** em both."

Yet still other critics claimed the left does not want to "cancel" Vaughn because they do not remember who he is, implying that he is no longer relevant.

Though civilized interaction between two adults should not be news, neither is Vaughn's apparent interest in Republicans.

Vaughn, of course, is a well-known libertarian who does not shy away from his beliefs in small government. He has been outspoken about his beliefs on taxation and the Second Amendment, for example, in the past. Vaughn endorsed Mitt Romney for president in 2012, and even once said that Edward Snowden is a "hero."

Criticism of Vaughn for cordially speaking with Trump was met with swift condemnation and mockery.

"You guys really have no idea how petty and ridiculous you look when you do this, do you," one person responded.

"Vince Vaughn is really trending because of that? Get a life," another person wrote.

"It's an amazing time to be alive when shaking the hand of the president is enough to get you canceled. Vince Vaughn doesn't strike me as one to give a s**t fortunately. Y'all have lost your minds. You never learn," another person said.

"Please say a little prayer for Timothy who's perturbed by three adults interacting in a civil manner. PS Vince Vaughn is cancelled, naturally," one person mocked in response.

"So do Swingers and Wedding Crashers get taken off the air for all of eternity now after Vince Vaughn had a civilized conversation with the president at the Superdome tonight?" another person mocked.

Even the White House responded to the criticism. White House spokesperson Hogan Gidley told Fox News, "Democrats seem to be more upset at this exchange than they do over Soleimani killing American citizens.

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