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Backlash is swift and immediate against 'former Republican' who targets, doxxes Trump-supporting nuns


'This a**hole is doxxing nuns'

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Three nuns wearing "MAGA" face masks attended President Donald Trump's campaign rally in Ohio on Saturday, setting the internet ablaze.

The nuns triggered a mixed bag of reactions. Some people praised the nuns for supporting Trump, others bashed the women of God, and yet others claimed the nuns were actually actors planted by the Trump campaign for purpose of optics.

But one man earned the scorn of the internet after he was accused of "doxxing" the Trump-supporting nuns.

What happened?

Peter Vroom, whose identifies himself as a "former Republican" in his Twitter bio, singled out the nuns on Saturday after images of them at Trump's rally went viral.

"The 3 nuns attending Trump's rally in Ohio today are from the order of the Children of Mary in Cincinnati, OH. Here's a comparison of their picture from the rally today without face masks and a picture from their website. I am not using their names," Vroom tweeted, linking to a website about the nuns.

Vroom added, "Bizarre and disgusting. Positioning nuns wearing MAGA masks directly behind @realDonaldTrump at his Ohio rally. Are they praying for the hundreds of thousands of COVID deaths Trump is responsible for?"

What was the response?

The backlash against Vroom was immediate and swift.

  • "A quick step by step guide to identifying if you are cementing yourself a spot on the wrong side of history. 1) You spent the afternoon attacking nuns. 2) There is no #2," one person said.
  • "Congrats Peter! You're about to go viral by doxxing nuns! Enjoy your newfound fame! You must be so proud... Hey everybody! Help Peter out by retweeting his great post where he has the courage to dox nuns! Such a brave man!!" one person responded.
  • "Hey aren't you the same Peter Vroom who was chief of staff of convicted child molester Denny Hastert? What did you know about that, hmm? I wonder what would happen if an enterprising individual were to discover you knew something and didn't do anything. Hmm," another person said.
  • "Pretty cowardly to pretend you're *just* confirming similar details to Breitbart. You're out here to get the nuns in trouble and pretending otherwise just makes you look more ridiculous," another person said.
  • "does doxxing poor women consecrated to Christ make you feel powerful?" one person responded.
  • "This a**hole is doxxing nuns," one person pointed out.
  • "Sure, you're not using their names! Just bright red arrows to identify them, as well as their religious order, city and state. ... But not their names, obviously, because THAT would be totally creepy and inappropriate," another person highlighted.
  • "Nothing says courage and moral certitude like doxxing nuns," one person said.
  • "'3 nuns act totally within their rights. Unacceptable! Here are pictures of them & info about their home! But I won't disclose names cause I'm a really good guy,'" one person mocked.
  • "there is a special place in Hell for extremists who doxx and cancel nuns," one person said.
  • "'I am not using their names' only used their photos, their location, and a link to where they live, so that anyone who wants to can make them a target. But at least the attacker won't know their names, or something? Ew," another person pointed out.
  • "Have you ever considered you're the bad guy here?" another person said.

Vroom later attempted to blame Breitbart for identifying the nuns. However, Breitbart merely noted which Catholic orders wears purple and white habits.

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