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Rubio says leftists are 'blinded by hatred of Trump,' debunks arguments against Iranian terrorist strike


Trump took 'decisive and defensive' action to save American lives

Over the last 48 hours, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) has debunked a series of false claims and conspiracy theories being promotedby far-left activists, Democratic presidential candidates, and members of the media regarding America's killing of Iranian terrorist Qassem Soleimani.

Responding to Democrats' claims that President Donald Trump unconstitutionally circumvented Congress in targeting Soleimani, the senior senator from Florida said in a tweet on Thursday night that the nation's commander-in-chief "doesn't need Congressional approval (even under unconstitutional War Powers Resolution) to respond to or prevent attacks against our armed forces."

Rubio also noted that despite repeated warnings from the United States and ongoing Iranian aggression, "some are so blinded by hatred of Trump that they argue he has done something sinister." Adding, "Its crazy. Total derangement."

Debunks series of false claims

Rubio then fired off a tweet thread addressing a series of false claims made by detractors of the president. The first one dealt with arguments that Iran was "under control" during the Obama administration.

FICTION: Under the Obama #IranDeal everything was calm & under control with #Iran but Trumps maximum pressure campaign has brought us to the brink of war

FACT: Obama deal helped Iran fund the acceleration of its missile program & its support for Shia terrorist proxies

He then rebutted charges that targeting Soleimaini was "reckless."

FICTION: Trump has taken reckless & impulsive action with no planning or forethought for what comes next

FACT: Trump acted on previously expressed red lines that were crossed,after exhausting all other options & fully aware that Iran will now respond,if only to save face

Others have argued that diplomacy would have been more effective with Iran, an argument that Rubio also tackled.

FICTION: Iran's clerical leaders can be influenced & swayed with diplomacy & economic incentives

FACT: Iran's leaders are Shia/Persian expansionists whose overarching goal is an arc of dominance covering Iraq, Syria, Lebanon & Bahrain at the expense of Sunnis, Israel & the U.S.

While some say that Trump is "desperate" to start another war, Rubio defends the president arguing his use of force was a last resort.

FICTION: Trump is desperate to start a war in the Middle East

FACT: Trump has had several opportunities to justifiably respond militarily to Iran & did not. He has tried everything short of capitulation to avoid armed conflict with Iran.

Numerous activists and reporters have described Soleimani's death as an "assassination," a characterization Rubio dismisses.

FICTION: Trump ordered the assassination of a foreign "General" and as a result has placed us on the brink of war.

FACT: Soleimani was an active enemy combatant, more dangerous than evil men such as Bin Laden & Baghdadi & who operated without regard for the law of war

Rubio insists that while armed conflict should be avoided, sometimes the only way to do so is through "decisive action."

FICTION: Armed conflict can always be avoided

FACT: Sadly, sometimes the only way to avoid armed conflict is surrender or capitulation. And sometimes the best way to avoid a broader conflict is limited but decisive action that leaves a clear cost-benefit calculus for an adversary

The Florida senator also debunked claims that Trump did not have the authority to target the Iranian terrorist.

FICTION: Trump has no authority to order military action against Iranian proxies & IRGC elements without congressional approval

FACT: President has a duty to defend against (& if possible prevent)attacks against our Armed Forces under both the Constitution & War Powers Resolution

Another common argument by the left is that the killing of Soleimani will result in more American deaths, but as Rubio countered, Iran had been targeting Americans and U.S. allies for years.

FICTION: Strike on Soleimani is the reason Iran will now unleash attacks on Americans

FACT: Iran has been attacking Americans for years & was planning more attacks in the near term via various proxies. Because they believed our threats of retaliation was idle talk.

President Trump took 'decisive and defensive action to protect American lives'

In a statement, Rubio also described Trump as taking "decisive and defensive action to protect American lives and our nation's interest" in the Middle East.

"Qassem Soleimani was an active enemy combatant and de facto commander of Iran's global terrorist proxy network, who was directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans and continued to plot attacks against U.S. diplomats and American service members," Rubio said.

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