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McDonald’s pulls a Chick-fil-A, opens its doors to young children whose father was arrested in restaurant parking lot


So moving

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A McDonald's restaurant in Sarasota, Florida, went the extra mile to comfort two young girls whose father was arrested in the parking lot just minutes before.

What are the details?

The arrest took place after midnight on Monday when police investigated a report of a man asleep behind the wheel of his car.

The car was parked in the McDonald's lot, and when officers arrived on the scene, they discovered two young girls in the back, ages 4 and 8.

KGNC-TV reported that the two young girls, who turned out to be the man's daughters, were both hungry and needed to use the restroom.

Even though the McDonald's had already closed for the night, two staffers who were still on the premises opened up the McDonald's just for the two little girls and gave them whatever they wanted to eat for free.

A spokesperson for the Sarasota Police Department shared an update on the incident in a Facebook post, writing, "The two employees stopped what they were doing, started up all the machines, and gave the two young girls anything they wanted to eat, allowed them to use the restroom and stuffed their Happy Meals with toys."

"Additionally, the employees would not allow Officers to foot the bill," the post added.

The post's caption read, "To the two McDonald's employees, who went above and beyond, you are two of the many reasons it's an honor to continue to serve and protect such an incredible city."

At the time of this writing, the post has been shared over 1,000 times.

The girls' father has charges against him related to DUI and child neglect. His daughters were released to the custody of other family members.

(H/T: Fox News)

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