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Media finally fact check Joe Biden after he claims — again — that the Obama administration 'didn't lock people up in cages'


In fact, cages were built while Obama was president

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Media outlets called out former Vice President Joe Biden for incorrectly saying that former President Barack Obama's administration did not lock up illegal immigrants in cages.

What did Biden say?

During the debate, Univision anchor Jorge Ramos asked Biden about his previous support of a border wall and deportations of illegal immigrants by the Obama administration. Biden shot back that the Obama and Trump administrations were not comparable. "We didn't lock people up in cages, we didn't separate families, we didn't do all of those things," he said.

Of course, Obama did use cages in illegal immigrant detention facilities. In fact, in late June Thomas Homan, President Barack Obama's executive associate ICE director, admitted the facilities being used to house immigrant children were built during the Obama administration, although they had not originally been intended for that purpose.

Homan said that if liberals wanted to use the word "cages," they would "have to accept the fact that they were built and funded in 2015."

In early July, Snopes also rated accusations that Obama used these cages "true."

What did media outlets say?

Shortly after this debate, CNN ran a story headlined, "Biden falsely claims the Obama administration didn't separate families."

"Both of Biden's claims are false," CNN wrote. "While the Obama administration didn't systematically separate families, it did happen under certain circumstances."

NBC News called Biden's statement "half right" because while Obama administration did use cages, it "did not separate families as a policy," instead detaining families together.

On the other hand, despite making the same statement that the Obama administration did not routinely separate children, Politifact noted that it did detain unaccompanied children in "a chain-link enclosure." It rated Biden's statement as "False," not the "half right" that NBC granted him.

The Associated Press Fact Check said that Biden had "misrepresented recent history when he said the administration he served as vice president didn't put migrant kids in 'cages'."

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