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Actress Megan Fox says she and Machine Gun Kelly drink one another's blood for 'ritual purposes'

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Actress Megan Fox said that she and her fiancé, musician Machine Gun Kelly, occasionally drink each other’s blood for "ritual purposes."

Fox has been in a relationship with the entertainer, whose real name is Colson Baker, since 2020.

What are the details?

During a recent interview with Glamour Magazine UK, Fox, 36, said that she and her partner drink each other's blood as a tribute to greater things such as moon "rituals" and more.

"It’s just a few drops, but yes, we do consume each other’s blood on occasion for ritual purposes only," she told the Glamour interviewer. "I’m much more controlled [compared to Baker]. I read tarot cards, and I’m into astrology, and I’m doing all these metaphysical practices and meditations. And I do rituals on new moons and full moons and all these things. And so, when I do it, it’s a passage, or it is used for a reason."

She pointed out that her method of exchanging blood is much more disciplined when compared to that of her betrothed.

"And it is controlled where it’s like, ‘Let’s shed a few drops of blood and each drink it,’" she explained. "He’s much more haphazard and hectic and chaotic, where he’s willing to just cut his chest open with broken glass and be like, ‘Take my soul.’"

Fox also added that she believes she "manifested" Baker into reality.

"He's literally my exact physical type that I've been manifesting since I was four," she gushed. "I'm also four years older than him. So, I think I made him. My thoughts and intentions grew him into the person that he is. Who knows what he would have looked like or been like if it wasn't for me?"

(Content warning: Rough language):

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