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Accuser Brooke Nevils comes forward with more allegations against Matt Lauer, claims the history of abuse led to depression and a suicide attempt


Somehow things just got worse

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Brooke Nevils, who accused former NBC host Matt Lauer of rape, says she attempted suicide following the incident, which reportedly took place in 2014 when the two were covering the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

What's the brief history here?

Nevils filed a complaint — which, at the time, protected her privacy and did not publicly identify her — that ultimately saw Lauer fired from the network in 2017.

Nevils discussed the alleged incident with journalist Ronan Farrow for his new book, "Catch and Kill." During her interview with Farrow, Nevils also admitted that she continued to have a consensual sexual affair with Lauer after the alleged attack in 2014.

Lauer issued a lengthy statement decrying Nevils' claims, and admitted that the two were in a consensual partnership. However, Lauer stated that forced sex was never a component of the relationship.

What are the new details?

Farrow's book, which was released Tuesday, details Nevils' alleged descent into depression following the purported rape.

"Over the past two years, Nevils has attempted suicide," Farrow writes in the book. "She's been hospitalized for post-traumatic stress disorder, descended into heavy drinking, and pulled herself back."

"She'd lost 14 pounds," the book continues. "And gone to doctors 21 times in a single-month period."

Nevils said that because of the alleged rape, she lost "everything" she "cared about."

She also pointed out other allegedly nonconsensual incidents that reportedly took place while the two worked together at NBC.

On one occasion, she told Farrow, Lauer "grabbed her hips" touched her genitals while she was looking for something in his office. During a separate occasion, Lauer reportedly coerced her into performing oral sex on him in exchange for recording a goodbye message for her then-boyfriend, who was leaving NBC.

Farrow writes, "When she asked Lauer for his [video], he told her to come to his office to record it herself. When she arrived, she said, he told her to go down on him."

“I was really upset. I felt terrible," Nevils recalls in the book. “I was trying to do this nice thing, and I had to give Matt a [sexual favor] to get him to film a goodbye video. I just felt sick."

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