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Mother regrets socially transitioning 4-year-old son to a girl: 'Like leaving a cult'
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Mother regrets socially transitioning 4-year-old son to a girl: 'Like leaving a cult'

A self-described former "true believer" in gender ideology has publicly admitted that she regrets "leading" her son to transition into a girl when he was just four years old.

A woman and mother, identified only as Rose, recently discussed her story on the podcast "TRIGGERnometry," hosted by comedians Konstantin Kisin and Francis Foster. On the episode entitled "I Transitioned My Child - I Regret It," Rose appeared on screen with her face obscured but otherwise spoke openly about how she spent years raising her two sons as gender-neutral and how denying them a clear gender identity ultimately harmed them.

"The ideology stops you" from asking too many questions and from "putting the pieces together" to get to the truth, Rose told Kisin and Foster. "You just say, 'This is this. Period.' There's no understanding of what's underneath" the ideology, she said.

Rose first shared her story in a Substack article last August. In the article, "True Believer," Rose explained that she and her lesbian lover, whom she referred to as her "partner" and her "spouse," were so entrenched in gender ideology that they decided to raise their two sons as gender-neutral. Though using "he/him" pronouns for both, they never told the boys that they were male and had determined to let the boys decide for themselves which gender they wanted to be.

It was a decision that still "continues to haunt" her, she claimed. When her older son was three or four, he began demanding answers about his gender, but she and her "partner" insisted that he could choose. "I was leading my innocent, sensitive child down a path of lies that were a direct on-ramp to psychological damage and life-long irreversible medical intervention," she admitted. "All in the name of love, acceptance, and liberation."

Not only did that boy's temporary decision to identify as a girl affect him, but it also influenced his younger brother, who soon afterward claimed he wanted to be a girl, despite showing no outward signs of femininity. Because the younger boy's professed desire to be a girl did not accord with the boy they knew him to be, Rose and her "spouse" began to question their assumptions, including the assumptions they had adopted when they began ascribing to gender ideology.

"Everything we thought we knew or believed that had led us to socially transition our older son began to unravel," Rose said.

Rose and her "spouse" eventually informed the boys that they were male, not female, and restored the boys' given names, pronouns, and clothes. Though the initial process of detransitioning them was challenging, Rose intimated that detaching herself from gender ideology was even more difficult. The women had surrounded themselves with people who had praised them for "affirming" their children's gender identity and who had encouraged them to avoid all friends and loved ones who refused to follow along, so they felt alone, confused, and full of remorse.

"Mama, this is your fault," Rose recalled her son saying to her. "You changed my name."

"This experience for me has felt like leaving a cult, a cult that would have me sacrifice my child to the gods of gender ideology, in the name of social justice and collective liberation," Rose wrote. "I have left this cult, and I am never turning back."

The boys, now eight and nine, are now "happy and thriving," she said. But Rose said she still lives with regrets about the harm she inflicted on them and may have continued to inflict, if she and her "partner" had not radically changed their approach to parenting.

"When I look back at this, it is almost too much to write about," she stated. "The grief and the shock of what we did is so deep, so wide, so sharp and penetrating. How could a mother do this to her child? To her children? I truly believed that what I was doing was pure, right and good, only to later realize with horror what it could have lead to for my child.

"This horror still shakes me to my core," she said.

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