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'Before white people came to this land, there were no jails, no homelessness,' self-described 'Writer & Reporter' declares

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Self-described "Writer & Reporter" Simon Moya-Smith, who indicates that he is "Oglala & Chicano," declared in a tweet that prior to the arrival of white people, homelessness was not a problem and there were not any laws against homosexuality and abortion.

"Before white people came to this land, there were no jails, no homelessness, no laws against homosexuality or abortion. For thousands of years, Indigenous peoples emphasized health, housing, freedom to love who you love and the fact that we need Mother Earth. She doesn't need us," Moya-Smith wrote.

An account responded to the post by writing, "Yea they just scalped people and burned them alive."

"So, here's the myth re: scalping: white men scalped Natives after a massacre & took them as trophies back to Europe. White, balding men had little to nothing to scalp. But Natives presumed that’s how white men celebrated a victory. So Natives scalped them back to send a message," Moya-Smith tweeted in response.

He acknowledged that Native Americans also battled each other other.

"Natives fought each other, no argument. But the Lakota did not try to convert the Cherokee to Lakota. The Cherokee did not try to monopolize corn," he tweeted. "But you are right about one thing: we scalped the white man right back."

Moya-Smith has asserted that regardless of where someone lives on the continent of North America, they are residing "on stolen Native land."

He has objected to the description of the U.S. as "a land of immigrants," tweeting, "Wrong. Don't put a period there… The U.S. is a land of immigrants AND peoples who were brought here against their will and the Indigenous peoples who've been here since time immemorial. #BlackHistoryMonth"

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