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'Go get another job!' — MSNBC hosts Maddow and Hayes are outraged that Democrats are bored by impeachment trial


"...fake it for the sake of your country."

Photo Composite Source: Lloyd Bishop/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Image and Jim Spellman/WireImage

MNSBC hosts were outraged that Democratic politicians were bored and uninterested in the impeachment trial being conducted in the US Senate.

Maddow began the segment calling it "odd" that some senators were falling asleep or walking out of the trial prematurely.

"It's a terrible look to the public to the extent that the news reports are getting out," said Maya Wiley, MSNBC legal analyst.

"These are people who are supposed to be listening, hearing and then making a decision on what's being presented all day long. We've also heard a lot of people have made up their minds already and are not actually taking their oath seriously," she added.

Chris Hayes, another MSNBC host, compared the lawmakers obligation to that of every citizen to serve on juries.

"If the trial goes for a long time, often they don't collect their paycheck from that and are given a meager amount of money relative to what some of those people might make," Hayes explained.

"These peoples' jobs is to do this," Hayes added emphatically.

"This is literally their job," he added. "If you find it too annoying or frustrating or uncomfortable to sit for eight hours and listen, you can resign tomorrow and go get another job."

Maddow concluded the segment demanding that Democrats fake interest in the impeachment trial in order to serve as a good example for the rest of the country.

"There is something to be said for the civic example that they could fake," Maddow said. "You don't have to believe it, but fake it for the sake of your country."

The Republican-controlled Senate is likely to vote against removing President Donald Trump after the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives voted to impeach him.

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