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Newly resurfaced video highlights Nancy Pelosi's glaring hypocrisy on the Mueller report


Extreme double standard on display

Win McNamee/Getty Images

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Thursday blasted Attorney General William Barr for allowing President Donald Trump's personal legal team the opportunity to review special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation report before its public release.

But Pelosi's pearl clutching was marred with hypocrisy after video surfaced showing that Pelosi once advocated for the exact opposite position — when it would have benefited a Democrat.

What did Pelosi say?

After Barr confirmed during his press conference on Thursday that Trump's personal attorneys reviewed a redacted version of the report prior to its public release, Pelosi alleged Barr had "confirmed the staggering partisan effort by the Trump Admin to spin public's view of the #MuellerReport."

What did Pelosi say before?

As NTK pointed out, Pelosi said in 1998 that then-President Bill Clinton had the right to review the Ken Starr report, which detailed Clinton's sex scandal with Monica Lewinsky.

During debate over a bill that called for the immediate public release of the report, Pelosi told then-House Speaker Newt Gingrich that Clinton had a right to read the report before Congress — let alone the public.

Pelosi said:

Mr. Speaker, for seven of the eleven years that I have served in Congress, I have served on the Ethics Committee or the ethics task force. It is from that perspective that I have several questions to ask.

If indeed what we are talking about here today is the process under which the Starr report will be released, why then have the airwaves been filled with details of the Starr report for the last 36 hours? It has supposedly been under lock and key here. One can only assume the leaks are coming from the independent counsel's office.

My second question is to you, Mr. Speaker: Why would you not afford the President of the United States the same opportunity you were given by the Ethics Committee of having almost a week's advance notice to review the charges against you, and so that you could have your response be part of the report?

As NTK noted, the ethics investigation in which Pelosi referred resulted in Gingrich being formally reprimanded for "claiming tax-exempt status for a college course that was run for political purposes."

Pelosi ultimately voted against the resolution. However, the bill overwhelmingly passed Congress and the Starr report was released to the public two days after Starr's office delivered it to Congress.

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