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New Hampshire ‘gender reveal’ party features explosion so vast it shook homes across several towns


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An out-of-control gender reveal party culminated in what some Kingston, New Hampshire, residents described as a "deafening blast" and even reportedly cracked a neighboring home's foundation.

What are the details?

According to the Washington Post, Sara and Matt Taglieri were enjoying dinner in their home when a "deafening blast knocked pictures off their walls and shook their house's foundation."

As it turned out, the blast originated from a nearby concrete plant and quarry near their home, and shook even nearby towns — but it was no construction accident.

Police say that a man detonated at least 80 pounds of explosives as an elaborate gender reveal stunt, shaking house foundations and reportedly turning local tap water brown.

The Kingston Police Department in a statement said that an "unidentified man" who reportedly set off the explosives turned himself in after the alarming incident and was cooperating with authorities' investigations. No charges have been filed at the time of this reporting, according to the New Hampshire Union Leader.

No injuries were reported as a result of the blast, according to Kingston Police Chief Donald Briggs Jr.

The explosive substance was Tannerite, which is a legal, over-the-counter explosive often used in target practice, the Union Leader noted.

"On Wednesday, Briggs Jr. told the Union Leader police found a container filled with chalk and Tannerite and the ground covered in blue dust at the quarry," the Post added. "Police said those hosting the celebration chose the quarry because they thought it would be a safe location to set off the explosion."

What else?

Sara told the outlet, "We are all about celebrating happy moments like having a baby, but their celebration was felt and heard not only by different neighborhoods, but through different towns. It's not like we are upset because there was blue or pink confetti on our yard. It was such a large blast."

The Taglieris said that the blast even cracked the home's foundation, and hope that those responsible for the explosion will pay restitution for the after-effects of the discharge.

"To find out it was a gender reveal — it was extreme," Sara said. "You are not expecting pictures to fall off your wall at 7 p.m. while you're having dinner from somebody celebrating having a baby."

Gender Reveal Explosion Rocks NH Townswww.youtube.com

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