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New York City's vegan mayor issues decree requiring city to eat less meat as a means of combating the specter of climate change
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New York City's vegan mayor issues decree requiring city to eat less meat as a means of combating the specter of climate change

New York City's Democratic mayor reportedly went vegan in 2016 after temporarily losing his eyesight to Type 2 diabetes. With his restored vision, Eric Adams has focused on another reason to avoid meat: the specter of anthropogenic climate change.

However, this time around, Adams wants New Yorkers to suffer a vegetarian diet along with him.

Adams said in a statement Monday, "What we put on our plate doesn't just affect us. We now know food is the third largest source of emissions in New York City, so what we eat is impacting our entire planet. That's why today I'm announcing that by 2030, the City will reduce our food-related emissions by 33%."

In 2021, the city of New York spent $297.59 million on food, which allegedly resulted in the production of 123.72K tons of carbon dioxide emissions — emissions the plants Adams consumes happen to thrive on.

According to the city's food policy page, the "Carbon Footprint of the City's food purchases is equivalent to the annual emission of more than 70,000 gasoline-powered passenger vehicles."
While dairy and grain products account for the bulk of the total emissions according to the city's data, the Adams administration has instead targeted meat, just over a year after the vegan mayor suggested, "I've got to get New Yorkers to eat a plant-based centered life."

Noting that the New York City Health System defaulted to plant-based meals for patients and allegedly cut its food emissions by 36%, Adams said, "The rest of our government will do the same."

The following agencies will be impacted by this decree: the New York City Department of Education, the Department of Homeless Services, the Department for the Aging, the Department of Correction, the Human Resources Administration, Health and Hospitals, and the Administration for Children's Services.

Accordingly, schoolchildren, prisoners, hospital patients, and elderly dependents will be precluded from putting their canine teeth to work on protein and mineral-rich meats, at least on certain days.

Although scientists have long held that meat is a vital part of child's diet, New York City K-8 school children will instead have to throw back chickpeas on Mondays. While dairy is linked to the greatest emissions on the menu, they'll enjoy mozzarella sticks rather than meat on Wednesday. On Friday, April 21, they'll have to choke back potato gumbo or once again become complicit in dairy and grain emissions by snacking on grilled cheese sandwiches. After being spoiled with country chicken on April 27, students' palates will be mocked with a BBQ veggie burger and more dairy products the following day.

At all times, pork is verboten.

The Democratic mayor also challenged private sector partners to cut their food emissions by 25%, prompting them to take part in the so-called "Plant Powered Carbon Challenge," in hopes of satisfying Paris climate agreement goals.

The New York Times reported that when issuing his decree, the vegan mayor said, "It is easy to talk about emissions that are coming from vehicles and how it impacts our carbon footprint, it is easy to talk about the emissions that’s coming from buildings and how it impacts our environment. ... But we now have to talk about beef. And I don’t know if people are really ready for this conversation."

Richard Larrick, a professor of management at Duke University, told the Times, "If you really want to make a difference, there are two main things you do for food, one of which is you try to reduce the amount of beef."

"To have 20 grams of protein from beef — that’s kind of a meal’s serving of protein — is like burning a gallon of gasoline,” added Larrick. “Everything else is less than a fifth of a gallon, essentially."

While seeking to go light on gasoline, Adams is apparently happy to waste water on his allegedly green diet.

Adams' cookbook "Healthy at Last" details how to make "Forest Bowls with Earthy Vegetables and Turmeric Cashew Sauce." While nary a cow is slaughtered to make this particular dish, clean water is sacrificed by the barrelful.

It takes roughly 1,704 gallons of water to produce one pound of the cashews needed for the vegan mayor's recipe at a time when so-called "climate crisis" is creating water shortages around the world — caused, according to the city of New York, disproportionately by the dairy and grains still on the menu.

In his announcement, Adams claimed, "We have two mothers: One gave birth to us, the other sustains us, and we have been destroying the one that sustains us based on the food that we have been consuming."

Adams' clampdown on meat consumption may ultimately mean real mothers will get less protein and figurative mothers will be spared the lesser of several emitters among the food groups on offer in New York City facilities.

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