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NFL player stops car thief with MMA moves he learned by watching fights on TV


Bad luck for the car thief

John Byrum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

A thief tried to steal a car belonging to an NFL fullback. Not just any NFL fullback, however; this fullback knows mixed martial arts.

Well, sort of. he's watched MMA fights on TV.

However Carolina Panthers fullback Alex Armah learned his skills, they came in handy last week when he got a notification on his phone that someone was messing with his vehicle in the garage, according to ESPN.

Someone had tried to steal Armah's car in December, so he installed a dash cam that was connected to his phone. So when he saw 32-year-old Daniel Cagle trying to break in, he immediately went down to confront him.

"I wasn't trying to get physical with him, but he kept trying to run," Armah told ESPN. "I had to put him in an arm bar so he'd stop moving until the cops got there."

Arm bar? Where'd he learn that?

"I'm the youngest of four; I've got two older brothers," Armah said. "We always messed around, wrestled and everything. I watched some wrestling here and there on TV, some MMA, all that good stuff. It was nothing new to me."

Armah, who is 6'2" and 255 pounds, said Cagle was even bigger than him, but that he was no match for the arm bar Armah used to restrain him while the apartment concierge called the police."

"It was just me being a normal guy, so I think, catching somebody breaking into his car," Armah said. "Every day across the country somebody is getting their car broken into. Oftentimes, the person is either caught a long time after the fact or he's never found at all. Me being in position to catch the person until the police got there, that was huge."

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