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Far-left NY Gov. Kathy Hochul from church pulpit: 'Smart' vaccinated people must 'be my apostles,' evangelize unvaccinated who 'aren't listening to God'
Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @GraduatedBen

Far-left NY Gov. Kathy Hochul from church pulpit: 'Smart' vaccinated people must 'be my apostles,' evangelize unvaccinated who 'aren't listening to God'

Far-left New York Gov. Kathy Hochul gave a sermon of sorts to a Brooklyn megachurch Sunday — and the Democrat preached the gospel of getting COVID-19 vaccines.

What are the details?

Speaking about the trials of the pandemic to the Christian Cultural Center, Hochul told listeners that she "prayed a lot to God during this time, and you know what? God did answer our prayers. He made the smartest men and women — the scientists, the doctors, the researchers — he made them come up with a vaccine!"

Hochul — who recently assumed office after former Gov. Andrew Cuomo resigned in disgrace following numerous accusations of sexual harassment — added that the COVID-19 vaccines are "from God to us, and we must say, 'Thank you, God! Thank you!'"

She then held aloft not a cross but her "vaccinated" necklace, telling congregants that she wears it "all the time" to announce to the world that "I'm vaccinated!"

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @GraduatedBen

Hochul then gave a sacred mission to the "smart ones" who've been vaccinated: to be her "apostles" and spread the Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J gospel to the unvaccinated heathen who "aren't listening to God."

'I need you to be my apostles'

"All of you — yes, I know you're vaccinated, you're the smart ones — but you know there's people out there who aren't listening to God and what God wants. ... You know who they are," she told the church with an evangelical fervor. "I need you to be my apostles. I need you to go out and talk about it and say, 'We owe this to each other! We love each other!'"

Hochul added: "Jesus taught us to love one another, and how do you show that love but to care about each other enough to say, 'Please get vaccinated because I love you, I want you to live, I want our kids to be safe when they're in schools, I want you to be safe when you go to a doctor's office or to a hospital and are treated by somebody. You don't want to get the virus from them. You're already sick, or you wouldn't be there!'"

The governor ended her sermon by saying, "We have to solve this, my friends. I need every one of you. I need you to let them know that this is how we can fight this pandemic, come back to normal, and then start talking about the real issues that we have to: fighting systemic racial injustice which exists today, and if there is a denier I will take you on every day because I've seen it, I know it exists, and we are not going to have a blind eye to this ever again, any longer."

Anything else?

Fox News' Tucker Carlson was taken aback by the homily from "high priestess" Hochul and noted it during a segment from his Monday night program, which focused on the growing "cult of coronavirus" that possesses "its own sacraments" and "its own sacred texts" — just like other religions:

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