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NY Times reporter: 'Intensity of tweets' from conservatives 'looking to amplify/draw attention to' Philly looting is 'remarkable.' So is the backlash.


'Sorry but your efforts to suppress the facts won't work here,' one commenter responded

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New York Times investigative reporter Eric Lipton noted Wednesday how conservatives were reacting on Twitter to Philadelphia looting on the heels of the fatal police shooting Walter Wallace Jr., a black man, who approached officers while reportedly armed with a knife Monday:

"Watching my Twitter feed since last night very notable the intensity of tweets from conservative voices looking to amplify/draw attention to looting in Phila," Lipton tweeted. "Yes it happened. NYT covered it as well. Just remarkable how conservatives want to elevate it."

What did folks react to the tweet?

While left-leaning commenters naturally backed up Lipton's observation, others didn't appreciate the reporter's dismay in regard to a legitimate angle of a legitimate news story, regardless of who is negatively portrayed:

  • "It is telling that progressives don't think it is particularly newsworthy when an American city is lit on fire and looted," one commenter said.
  • "Yes - you're right. It is very notable how 'conservative voices' tell people the truth while liberal media tries to hide it," another commenter noted.
  • "They are burning the city and no one should mention it on a mass social media site?" one user added. "My God the cover work must be exhausting."
  • "Sorry but your efforts to suppress the facts won't work here," another user noted. "We all know exactly what happens in Democratic run cities like Philadelphia where police are told to stand down and violence is allowed to fester. The Democrats are the party of violence."
  • "What a pompous response to the people who have had their business destroyed," another commenter said.

One commenter floated the following zinger:

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Anything else?

In case certain news organizations are doing their best to not "amplify/draw attention to" looting in Philadelphia, perhaps you'll find it enlightening to know that the city's deputy police commissioner reportedly obstructed the police response to the looting.

WTXF-TV reporter Steve Keeley tweeted Wednesday morning that police officers were "extremely frustrated" after Deputy Police Commissioner Melvin Singleton allegedly ordered both patrol and commanding officers to "not arrest looters just disperse them."

"By the order of CAR-2, Philadelphia Police will respond to 'priority' calls only," the alleged directive from the department obtained by Keeley said. "This means no calls for disturbance, missing person, stolen vehicle, burglary or theft will be answered."

Keeley added that some officers believe the order "leaves no deterrent to stop looting."

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