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OBGYN draws analogy between abortion and a person removing a bug that creeps into their ear
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OBGYN draws analogy between abortion and a person removing a bug that creeps into their ear

An OBGYN who recently made the absurd claim that transgender figure Dylan Mulvaney is a woman has drawn a parallel between an individual having an abortion and removing a bug that has crept into their ear. She similarly drew a comparison to eradicating a bacterial infection.

"People who are like 'but a fetus in you isn't your body so you can't control it and have an abortion' um excuse me but if a bug crawled in your ear are you also forced to host it or do you say wtf get this thing out?! Does the same go for bacterial infections?" Jennifer Lincoln tweeted last week.

The tweet earned pushback on social media.

Someone responded by writing, "I can't believe a real, live doctor thinks a human and a bug are equal and a logical comparison."

"A real, live doctor thinks it's disgusting people think they can force a person to remain pregnant. That's terrible enough. That y'all are mad at my analogy but not forced birth is the tell," Lincoln replied.

"A fetus is a human being with human rights. A bug is not a human being and does not have human rights. Yes, the same goes for the non-human bacterial infection," the pro-life organization Live Action tweeted.

"And once a child is born he's like a bug that got in through a window. You should be able to kill him for invading your home and being a nuisance, right?" Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon tweeted.

Lincoln includes "she/her" pronouns on her Twitter profile.

She has also tweeted, "Consent to sex is not consent to pregnancy. I know you want it to be that way because you want us to exist solely to make babies and stay home and raise them for you, but that's not how it works."

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