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'Milk’s favorite cookie' panned after going all in with woke LGBT coming-out ad: 'Your cookie must affirm your sexual lifestyle'

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Oreo prompted conservatives on Twitter to roll their eyes this week after double-dipping into the world of hot-button socio-political issues yet again with a new ad urging people to be lifelong supporters of the LGBT lifestyle.

What are the details?

The two-and-a-half-minute short film, called "The Note," featured a young Asian man nervously reading a coming-out note to his immediate family as he prepares to share the news of his sexuality with his extended family.

The tense scene concludes with the young man's mother encouraging her dispirited son. "She might be my mother, but you are my son," she adds to the bottom of the note.

"Coming out doesn’t happen just once. It’s a journey that needs love and courage every step of the way,” Oreo said in a tweet along with the video, adding, "Share our new film and let someone know you’re their #LifelongAlly."

It's not the first time that "milk's favorite cookie" has delved into political waters. Earlier this year, the Nabisco brand inserted itself into the national conversation around transgender issues when it tweeted, "Trans people exist." Before that, it released another short film about a lesbian couple coming out to parents.

To onlookers, it seems that the company prides itself on being outspoken on issues completely unrelated to cookies.

But in an interview with Fast Company, Oreo senior brand manager Olympia Portale insisted the forced marketing message was a "natural place" for the company to go, given its notoriety as a "family brand."

"'The Note' is not Oreo’s story," she explained, though going on to say, "Oreo is there to lend our megaphone to the community we want to support. To illustrate the message we, as a brand, want to stand behind is a great place to start."

How are people reacting?

Conservatives on Twitter and elsewhere responded with chagrin after being force-fed the woke messaging.

"Sexuality has NOTHING TO DO with the cookie experience," tweeted Newsmax host Greg Kelly. "Basically cookies are 'asexual' — why is the WOKE LEFT messing around with OREOS?!?! STOP THE INSANITY."

"What on earth does this have to do with cookies?" added Tommy Joe Ratliff.

Blaze Media's Jessica O'Donnell quipped: "Finally this ad is made. I wasn’t sure what to do. I felt so guilty eating a cookie because I wasn’t sure what its stance on LGBT issues was."

LiveAction's Lila Rose stated, "Stop sexualizing children, @oreo."

"Your cookie must affirm your sexual lifestyle," the Daily Wire's Ben Shapiro said. "Again, the chief reply here seems to be: 'How dare you notice that a cookie company is now running ads on sexual orientation?' Guys, the story is that every woke corporation now believes it must become an activist LGBTQIA+-%6& outlet. And yes, that's a story."

Writing for the Daily Signal, columnist Nicole Russell asserted, "LGBT activists complain about being caught in the middle of the culture war, even as they fuel the controversy at every turn, even rendering cookies like Oreos woke."

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