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'You’re visible now, you scumbag' —  Trump campaign manager lashes out at media targeting his wife


"This is a disgusting trick..."

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Brad Parscale, the manager for the Trump 2020 re-election campaign, lashed out against the media over reports about his wife's dealings with a pro-Trump super political action committee.

"[CNN] are liars trying to write a dirty story about my wife. I own all my companies," Parscale tweeted Friday. "My wife is member on some of them to do filings and bookkeeping."

"This is a disgusting trick to make a very simple thing look nefarious," he added. "Her last name is Parscale, what would that hide?"

He called out a CNN editor in a second tweet, adding, "You're visible now, you scumbag."

The CNN story questioned payments made to Parscale's wife from a pro-Trump super PAC named America First Action that was first established in 2017. The report documents $910,000 paid to Red State Data and Digital, which is founded by Candice Parscale.

Federal election experts told CNN the arrangement raises concerns about coordination between a super PAC and the official campaign, which is forbidden by election law.

"This is a perfectly legal and appropriate arrangement, which is firewalled, with zero chance for coordination," Brad Parscale said to CNN about the accusations.

But on Twitter, he was much more acerbic about the report.

"I'm going to start calling out editors that attack us viciously and hide behind writers that can't control their own headlines. Journalists get blamed but the editors are the true evil," he tweeted.

"[CNN's Adam Levine] attacked my wife with zero visibility," he added. "You're visible now, you scumbag."

In a later tweet, he said he was turning off the news for the Labor Day weekend, and added, "CNN sucks..."

Here's a video of Parscale throwing MAGA hats at a rally:

Brad Parscale Throwing MAGA Hatswww.youtube.com

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