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Police say four black men carried out attack in which Black Lives Matter activist was shot in head in London

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Four black men carried out the attack in which prominent Black Lives Matter activist Sasha Johnson was shot in the head Sunday during a party in London, police told BBC News.

What are the details?

Detective Chief Inspector Richard Leonard, who is leading the investigation, told BBC News that about 30 guests had been at the party and that the four attackers dressed in "dark clothing" went into the garden "through a side entrance."

"In the ensuing melee a firearm has been discharged injuring Sasha," Leonard added to the network.

Johnson was taken to intensive care in critical condition, BBC News previously reported.

The Taking the Initiative Party, which Johnson helps lead, told the network that the attack followed "numerous death threats."

But police said there was no evidence yet that the attack on the 27-year-old was targeted or that she received credible threats, BBC News added.

Imarn Ayton, a friend of the victim, told the network she did not believe Johnson "was the intended victim."

"As far as I am aware ... this incident is more related to rival gangs as opposed to her activism," Ayton added to BBC News.

Detective Chief Inspector Jimi Tele said: "This was a shocking incident that has left a young woman with very serious injuries. Our thoughts are with her family who are being provided with support at this terribly difficult time," according to the network.

'The police is no different from the KKK'

As it happens, Johnson was caught on video last year giving a speech during which she noted that "the police is no different from the KKK."

She also said police "stand around and protect statues and buildings instead of people" and that "we need a black militia."

"We need our own political party," Johnson also declared, adding that the "back of racism is capitalism."

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Oxford Black Lives Matter Sasha calls for black militia - compares Police to the KKKyoutu.be

What else do we know about Johnson?

Black Lives Matters UK said it was shocked by the shooting of "a young mother and fearless political campaigner who was at the forefront of many BLM protests last summer," BBC News said — and that while Johnson isn't part of BLM UK, "she impressively founded a new Black-led political party and was dedicated to resist anti-Black racism."

The group added that "any attempt to intimidate or silence her is an attack on all of us," the network reported.

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