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Poll shows more Americans want Black Lives Matter riots investigated than Jan. 6 Capitol riot — and it's not close

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More Americans say they want Congress to investigate Black Lives Matter protests than want the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol riot investigated, new poll results show.

The news may serve as a boon to Republicans, who have argued that any truly bipartisan commission to probe the Capitol riot ought to be broad enough to include an investigation into the wave of violent riots that ravaged American cities over the last year following the death of George Floyd.

According to Rasmussen Reports, "66% of Likely U.S. Voters think Congress should investigate last year's violent protests, in which more than 2,000 police officers suffered injuries in the line of duty."

Only 21%, or roughly 1 in 5 Americans, said they do not think that Congress should investigate the Black Lives Matter riots, while 13% said they were not sure.

In contrast, the poll found that significantly fewer Americans support an investigation into the Capitol riot.

"The number of voters who want Congress to investigate last year's violent protests is higher than the 49% who say they support House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's select committee investigation of the January 6 Capitol riot," Rasmussen noted, adding that, "Forty-two percent (42%) say they don't support the January 6 investigation."

Results from the survey, which was conducted July 16-18, comes as Pelosi's select committee investigates on the events of Jan. 6. The survey indicates that Democrats may have overplayed their hand in estimating broad public support for the commission.

While support for the Jan. 6 commission appeared to be divided neatly down political lines, the prospect of an investigation into Black Lives Matter riots garnered widespread support from nearly all major demographics — including from Democrats.

"Sixty-seven percent (67%) of whites, 64% of black voters, 66% of Hispanics and 62% of other minorities think Congress should investigate the 2020 riots in U.S. cities," Rasmussen reported. "Seventy-five percent (75%) of Republicans, 60% of Democrats and 63% of voters not affiliated with either major party say Congress should investigate last year's violent protests."

The National Police Association, which helped conduct the survey, noted in reaction to the results that a failed response to the Black Lives Matter protests likely set off a nationwide crime wave that is still underway today.

"When the mayors of cities in which violent riots took place in 2020 refused to let police immediately stop the crimes taking place, it sent a message to violent criminals across the nation that crimes will be allowed and criminals won't be touched," the police group said in a statement. "For the last year violent crimes have increased nationally and the lack of support from politicians has resulted in the number of police officers declining into a short staffing recruitment and retention crisis."

(H/T: The Daily Wire)

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