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Poll reveals that Democrats' impeachment inquiry could actually benefit President Trump


'...political calculus of an impeachment trial would not be the smartest move'

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Tuesday she would initiate a "formal impeachment inquiry" of President Donald Trump over accusations that his actions have violated the Constitution.

While the accusations are not positive for the president, a recent poll shows how Democrats moving forward with impeachment may actually benefit Trump in 2020 and could have vast political consequences for impeachment hungry Democrats.

The Monmouth poll released last month revealed a majority of registered voters — by nearly 2 to 1 — oppose impeachment.

The most significant figures from the poll are those concerning Independent voters and voters in swing counties because those Americans will have the greatest say in whether Trump survives re-election.

Indeed, it is even more telling that one in four Democrats oppose Trump's impeachment, a surprising result considering how highly polarized America has become.

The poll also revealed that a majority of registered voters — 41 percent to 51 percent — oppose an impeachment inquiry.

The top three reasons voters opposed impeachment are: they feel Trump has "done nothing wrong," they believe the measure would be a "waste of time and money," and that the endeavor is a "witch hunt."

However, if Democrats do attempt to impeach Trump, more voters believe it will strengthen Trump's re-election chances than hurt them and more voters believe impeachment will hurt Democrats' chances at retaining a majority in the House than help them retain it, the poll found.

"There's a small segment of the public who want Trump removed from office but feel the political calculus of an impeachment trial would not be the smartest move," Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth poll, said. "Impeachment may not earn widespread support, but that does not mean most voters want to see Trump remain in office. It is just that the ballot box seems to be their preferred way to achieve his ouster."

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