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Antifa takes a break from rioting, starts a soccer league in Portland


Just when you thought 2020 couldn't get weirder

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In a strange public relations move, Antifa members in Portland, Oregon, recently decided to take their efforts off the streets and onto the pitch by starting their own soccer league.

The new group, called Antifa FC, or football club, posted on Instagram this week announcing its plans for a four-team league of seven or nine "comrades" each, depending on interest level. The inaugural match is set to take place at 6 p.m. Wednesday at Duniway Field in the riot-ravaged Pacific Northwest city.

"PORTLAND ARE YOU READY FOR THE FIRST MATCH?" the caption for a recent post stated. "We are going to need teams. If you have a team ready let us know! We want to make sure this is inclusive as possible. All are welcome to play and participate."

"We Love Soccer, Hate Fascism," the group wrote in its byline on the social media platform.

The league plans to operate under regular soccer rules "with the exception of slide tackles," the post indicates, before adding in all caps, "MASKS REQUIRED."

Apparently, black bloc — the traditional nondescript garb donned by Antifa members — will not be required. However, those who do choose to wear it are asked to use some other form of identification so that they can be recognized by teammates.

"Get f***ing ready. Grab your cleats and your gas mask," tweeted one of the teams to sign up, Blunt Bloc PDX, ahead of the first games.

"Just kidding," it added — quickly acknowledging, "I think."

By Tuesday afternoon, the group reported that all spots for the league had been filled, with some allegedly put on a waiting list.

With spots filled and the inaugural match a go, the group made sure to remind participants that they "better be nice" to the referees. Respect for authority is not exactly Antifa's shtick.

As expected, some commenters took offense at the notion of referees.

"No masters, no refs," one said, while another wrote, "abolish penalties."

Still another wrote: "Refs are soccer cops."

"Everyone gets a participation award. But if they lose or you disagree with them, they will burn your s**t to the ground," one witty commenter wrote on Twitter regarding the whole ordeal.

While the league is set to play in Portland, interested parties in other riot-torn cities may soon get in on the action.

"Seattle, we after u bb," the group announced in another Instagram post.

(H/T: New York Post)

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