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Pro-Trump YouTuber visits San Francisco to interview residents about red MAGA hats. Their reactions are priceless.


That escalated quickly

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Conservative filmmaker and YouTuber Fog City Midge hit the streets of San Francisco in March to have a civilized conversation with residents about the ever-so-controversial red MAGA hats.

President Donald Trump's signature "Make America Great Again" hats weren't received very well at all, needless to say, but still — some of the reactions were absolutely incredible.

What are the details?

Midge initially began by approaching people while wearing the hat — but no one would speak to her. So she took it off, and stowed it away until she was able to strike up a comfortable conversation.

When it was clear that people were willing to speak to her, she broke out the hat and asked them what they thought of her — and the hat — now.

One man grimaced and responded, "Oh no. Oh no. Oh, I didn't expect that. Oh no."

He also added that he was "worried" about people seeing him talk to a woman in a MAGA hat and said that the baristas in the nearby coffee shop would not serve her if she went in to make a purchase while wearing the hat.

One woman explained that she shouldn't wear the hat while in the city, and another man went on an expletive-laden explanation as to why no one should ever wear such a hat.

"That's a racist, bigoted, butthole statement," he explained. "You're ignorant, you're an a** hole, you're ignorant of the fact that Donald Trump and his administration are targeting minorities, people of color, queer people, trans people. ... It's trash."

A different woman said, "I would say for your safety, you should take it off. Before I throw it in the trash can.

What about that one guy?

Out of the whole group, there was just one very reasonable man who seemed unfazed, and responded, "OK. You're rockin' the MAGA. All right. Super dope."

"Freedom of expression," he added. "Freedom of beliefs. That's what all this is supposed to be about, right?"

LEFTIST MAGAPHOBIA: Maga Hat Hate In San Franciscowww.youtube.com

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