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A new progressive media group is creating fake newspapers to try to undermine Trump in swing states


The operation has $25 million in funding

Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

A progressive strategist admitted that her group is actively publishing fake online newspaper articles in order to undermine President Donald Trump in swing states.

Tara McGowan is the creator of a network of digital newspapers called Courier Newsroom. The operation will mimic local newspapers while planting left-wing messages in order to counter right-wing narratives.

"We live in a distributed, digital media environment," McGowan said to Bloomberg News.

"There's no regulations," she claimed. "Misinformation not only runs rampant but is now being condoned by the most powerful social media platform in the world."

The network has already launched newspapers in six swing states: Arizona, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

The Courier Newsroom has $25 million in financial backing.

McGowan admits that the point of the campaign is not to gain more readers, but rather to persuade the right readers in order to try to swing elections without letting the audience know of their political intent.

To do this, they'll use Facebook's advertising tools to seek out a specific audience of readers.

A search through the news websites from John Sexton of Hot Air found that none explicitly admitted the leftward political bent of their newspapers. Instead, they carried vague wording to make it appear as if they were normal local news.

McGowan addressed what is likely to be a criticism of the ploy, that it's dishonest and unbalanced.

"A lot of people I respect will see this media company as an affront to journalistic integrity because it won't, in their eyes, be balanced," she says.

"What I say to them is, Balance does not exist anymore," she explained, "unfortunately."

[H/T: Hot Air]

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