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Rabid rioters burn justice center, apartment building in violent clashes: Media won't show 'full picture' because 'they don’t want you to realize Antifa' torched homes


Spiraling out of control

Photo by Karen Ducey/Getty Images

A violent mob set fire to a justice center construction site in Seattle, Washington, reports say.

The group of rioters also set fire to a local Starbucks, which is housed on the ground floor of an apartment building.

What are the details?

KIRO-TV reported that "thousands of people" peacefully gathered in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood on Saturday morning in a demonstration of solidarity with Black Lives Matter protests in Portland.

The tenor of the protest quickly change, and began to spiral out of control by afternoon.

Angry protesters, bent on destruction, reportedly set to a construction site at the King County Youth Service Center/Judge Patricia H. Clark Children and Family Justice Center by Saturday evening.

In a statement, the Seattle Police Department said, "Approximately a dozen people ... entered a construction site at the facility, set fire to portable trailers and other equipment, and broke out windows on personal vehicles in the area and court facilities."

As highlighted by The Daily Wire, Seattle-based conservative radio host Jason Rantz tweeted, "The peaceful protesters destroyed a Starbucks and a fire was supposedly set. It's attached to an apartment complex."

Others in the area alleged that people were telling residents to evacuate the apartment complex, such as New York Times reporter Mike Baker.

On Twitter, Baker wrote, "Moving through the Capitol Hill, hitting a Starbucks. Smoke is coming out of the window and people are now calling for the residents above to evacuate.

Baker also added that a crowd estimated to contain around 2,000 demonstrators attracted the attention of federal law enforcement.

He also shared video footage of the burning constriction site.

Baker later pointed out that police showed up on the dramatic scene, and were forced to deploy crowd-control tactics on the out-of-control rioters.

"The police have shown up, using flash-bangs and pepper spray," Baker shared.

Ian Miles Cheong, Human Events managing editor, also tweeted about the melee, writing, "The Starbucks is on the ground floor of an apartment complex. The media does not show you the full picture because they don't want you to realize Antifa set homes on fire in Seattle."

KIRO reported on Sunday that authorities arrested 45 people in connection with Saturday's riots, and revealed that at least 21 officers were injured as a result.

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best added that Saturday's protest was "not a peaceful demonstration at all."

You can read more about Saturday's violent criminal outbreak here.

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