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Masked intruder breaks window in back of home, tries to climb inside. But homeowner with gun permanently ends crook's escapade.


Homeowner fired 'five or six times,' his stepfather said

Image source: WESH-TV video screenshot

A Florida homeowner said a man in black and wearing a mask broke a window in the back of his Cocoa residence Wednesday and attempted to get inside, officials told WESH-TV.

Image source: WESH-TV video screenshot

With that, the homeowner said he fired a gun at the person climbing into his house, causing the alleged burglar to fall back outside, deputies told the station.

Police — who received a call from the homeowner around noon — said when they got to the home on Brophy Boulevard, a man was found dead in the backyard, WESH reported.

A blurred white sheet covers a body in the backyard above the broken window.Image source: WESH-TV video screenshot

A second suspect?

The Brevard County Sheriff's Office told the station a second man may have been involved in the attempted burglary, but that individual hasn't been found.

Clarence Patterson, the homeowner's stepfather, told WESH his stepson "saw one of them throwing a bicycle through the window there ... and my stepson shot five or six times. He hit that one; I don't know if he hit the other one."

Image source: WESH-TV video screenshot

Patterson said there have been a rash of burglaries in the neighborhood committed by two people, the station reported.

Officials told WESH the deceased man was in his early 20s wearing black pants with white stripes, a black shirt, and either a white hoodie or a white shirt around his head.

The identities of the individual who was fatally shot and the homeowner have not been released, the station said.

Resident shoots suspect attempting to break into Florida home, deputies say

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