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Ex-deputy sexually abused male relatives, told 8-year-old boy he might grow up to be a porn star, police say — and now he faces a slew of disturbing charges

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A former Wisconsin sheriff's deputy has been charged with child sex assault, police say — and some of the purported crimes were said to have been carried out against young male members of the deputy's family.

All are felony charges, according to police.

What are the details?

Authorities arrested 34-year-old Gary Aaron Huber earlier this month and charged him with one count of first-degree child sex assault, one count of repeated sexual assault of a child, three counts of child enticement, two counts of causing a child between 13 and 18 years old to view or listen to sexual activity, and three counts of exposing genitals, pubic area, or intimate parts to a child.

Law & Crime reported that Huber allegedly quit his job at the Rock County Sheriff's Office rather than comply with an investigation into the allegations.

In a statement on the accusations, a spokesperson for the Rock County Sheriff's Office said, "On July 1, 2021, allegations of criminal behavior were made to Sheriff’s Office officials regarding Gary Huber. The alleged criminal behavior occurred prior to Huber being hired as a deputy sheriff in August 2016.”

A probable cause statement obtained by the outlet reported that an unnamed male came forward and accused Huber of sexually assaulting at least four relatives.

One of the relatives, who was born in 1996, said that Huber molested him and provided opiate patches.

"Investigators said they interviewed four alleged victims," the outlet reported. "Huber's alleged pattern of abuse was to show them pornography and also to fondle them. One of the relatives, as phrased by the complaint, said that 'Huber continued to expose him to pornography and would state that someday [the boy, then age 8] might be a porn star.'"

The former deputy reportedly told the child that if he talked about the incidents to other people, he would tell those people that the child was gay.

Huber would reportedly go on to abuse the boy for several more years until 2016, when he turned 15 years old.

Another relative said that he endured similar abuse at Huber's hands, which reportedly included "contact with the relative's genitals and kissing."

The spokesperson told the outlet that the department thoroughly invested the tip upon receipt.

“The alleged criminal behavior warranted an investigation, and the Wisconsin Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) agreed to investigate the allegations,” the sheriff’s office said in its statement. “When requested by Sheriff’s Officials to meet regarding the allegations, Huber refused to return to the Sheriff’s Office and promptly resigned, effective July 1, 2021. On December 13, 2021, Sheriff’s Office officials were informed by DCI agents that Huber was arrested in Indiana on 10 counts of various sex crimes against children. Due to DCI handling the criminal investigation and subsequent charges, the Sheriff’s Office will have no further comment on the criminal investigation.”

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