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Saira Rao says looking at the US flag makes her want to puke: 'This country is a racist transphobic homophobic xenophobic ableist classist Islamophobic misogynistic dumpster fire'


'Sadly, America IS my s***hole country'

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Saira Rao issued a tweet on Tuesday in which she lambasted the United States and said that viewing the nation's flag makes her want to throw up.

"This country is a racist transphobic homophobic xenophobic ableist classist Islamophobic misogynistic dumpster fire. As such, seeing the American flag makes me want to vomit," Rao declared.

Many social media users pointed out that Rao is free to leave the U.S.

"No one's keeping you here," Center for Immigration Studies executive director Mark Krikorian tweeted.

"Leave, you weirdo," tweeted Dave Rubin, host of BlazeTV's "The Rubin Report."

"Maybe consider…just leaving?" Newsweek opinion editor Josh Hammer wrote.

"You are welcome to leave at any time," Ben Shapiro tweeted. "Or maybe you're earning too much money off your grift in this terrible, terrible place for you to leave, Saira. I wonder which. It's a mystery," he added.

"Yikes! Fortunately, I think a few hundred million other people love America and are happy to live here and respect our beautiful flag," Republican Rep. Yvette Herrell of New Mexico tweeted.

In a tweet on Wednesday, Rao referred to the U.S. as a "s***hole country."

"To the myriad Nazis telling me a version of 'go back to your s***hole country.' Sadly, America IS my s***hole country," Rao wrote.

Rao is the coauthor of the forthcoming book, "White Women: Everything You Already Know About Your Own Racism and How to Do Better." A book description calls the work "A no-holds-barred guidebook aimed at white women who want to stop being nice and start dismantling white supremacy."

Rao is also the cofounder of Race2Dinner, which has race-focused dinner events for white women among its offerings.

The organization's website says that, "we can safely say that breaking bread together helps to facilitate conversations around white supremacy, racism and xenophobia." The site says that, "Race2Dinner Experiences require white women to participate in very direct, exceedingly difficult conversations."

In a tweet earlier this month, Rao wrote that, "It is wild how many folks STILL refuse to see how gun violence, climate catastrophe and poverty are directly tied to whiteness + capitalism."

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