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School reported mothers to FBI, claiming they were 'dangerous' after questioning leftist curriculum, lawsuit says

Andrea Gross and Amy Gonzalez (Image Source: Fox News Digital video screenshot)

Two mothers accused an Ohio private school of launching a retaliation campaign against them and their children after they questioned the school's leftist curriculum, the parents' lawsuit alleges.

Amy Gonzalez and Andrea Gross told Fox News Digital that Columbus Academy reported them to the FBI as "dangerous to the health and wellbeing of the entire Academy community" and attempted to destroy their reputation.

The mothers' complaint, filed on June 12, alleged that the school's administration overreacted to their questions regarding critical race theory curriculum and other instruction the parents believed was "indoctrination."

"And so when I say an overreaction, I mean an overreaction of calling the police on us, alerting almost 900 faculty members that they had alerted the FBI that we were dangerous. Just things that were so far beyond the pale that it would lead one to ask why? Why is the reaction so extreme?" Gross told Fox News Digital.

"Politically charged issues were regularly taught and discussed in the classroom without opposing viewpoints presented," the lawsuit read.

The mothers' claimed that one of the teachers even said he "would not communicate with any student who supported President Trump."

The retaliation from the school forced Gross' daughter to attend another school out of state and caused significant tension within the community, Gross stated.

In a public letter to the school, the mothers claimed that students were subjected to "[i]ntimidation and bullying … based on their political beliefs."

Shortly after drafting the letter, "the Academy's head of Security … filed a false police report against the Parent Plaintiffs with the Gahanna Police Department," according to the complaint. It also claimed that the school officials notified teachers during a meeting that they had reported the mothers to the FBI.

"During the meeting when faculty was told the FBI had been alerted, the environment was such that one of the Academy's faculty members raised his/her hand and asked if the Child Plaintiffs should be treated differently. Another member of faculty stated, 'it sounds like we have a mole," the lawsuit added.

The mothers' complaint accused school officials of "vicious treatment."

"Upon information and belief, the Academy's vicious treatment of the Parent Plaintiffs, and by relation, their children, including improperly invoking governmental investigative agencies, disseminating false information, and engaging in a coordinated effort to destroy their reputations in the community, was retaliation to prevent any further inquiry financial wrongdoing of the Academy," the parents' lawsuit stated.

Columbus Academy denied the mothers' accusations, telling Fox News Digital, "These allegations are entirely without any legal merit or factual basis whatsoever."

The school also referred the outlet to a previous statement: "[A]ny parent who waged a public campaign of false and misleading statements and inflammatory attacks harmful to the employees, the reputation, or the financial stability of Columbus Academy would be in clear violation of the Enrollment Agreement and would be denied re-enrollment for the following school year."

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