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Virtue-signaling pizza parlor in Seattle shames unvaccinated people. Another in town requires vaccinations to enter — even if it's just for to-go orders.

A slice from Windy City Pie (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

Apparently it wasn't enough for Windy City Pie in Seattle to declare "proof of vaccination required for indoor AND outdoor dining" on its website. And apparently it wasn't enough for it to clearly state, "PROOF OF VACCINATION REQUIRED FOR ENTRY."

No, this establishment took things a step further by communicating to prospective customers, "IF YOU ARE VOLUNTARILY NOT VACCINATED, PLEASE EAT ELSEWHERE NOWHERE." (Yup, the site's message actually features a crossed-out "elsewhere" and adds a "nowhere.")


Conservative writer and radio host Jason Rantz in his report for KTTH-AM called it a "stand to shame the unvaccinated" that tells such people they're "unclean" and shouldn't be allowed to eat at restaurants anywhere.

Rantz also said Windy City's policy is stricter than King County's COVID-19 mandate, which he said "allows for a testing option or to eat outside without paperwork." Instead Windy City requires full vaccinations even to eat outside, despite the fact that it's virtually impossible to spread the virus outside.

More from his piece:

This isn't a message merely citing its policy. It intends to make a statement and convey disdain for the unvaccinated. It's a message that seems to only come from people who get vaccinated to claim some moral high ground; they're vaccinated to shame others, not because they think it protects them.

Windy City Pie doesn't seem to care that you've recently recovered from COVID and have natural immunity. Nor does it matter if you have a sincerely held religious conviction. Windy City Pie doesn't want you to eat anywhere because its ownership and management are COVID heroes!

Then there's another Seattle pizza joint that calls itself Breezy Town Pizza, which has ruled that you have to be vaccinated just to come inside — even if it's just for a to-go order. Plus all those who make it through that first hoop have to wear masks anyway when they're not eating.

Well, hey, since the aforementioned vaccination rule applies only to those 12 years of age and older, maybe hungry families can send in their children who are 11 and younger — which is allowed as long as they wear masks — to pay for and pick up their to-go orders. Put those little freeloaders to work!

Neither Windy City Pie nor Breezy Town Pizza responded to Rantz's requests for comment, KTTH reported.

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