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Spanish police bust man taking pet fish for a 'walk' in attempt to skirt extreme lockdown rules


Residents are not allowed to go outside alone, but can take pets for a 'brief stroll'

(Digital Light Source/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

The National Police in Spain have made an example of a man who tried to circumvent the country's strict lockdown orders during the coronavirus pandemic by "walking" his pet fish in order to get out of the house.

What are the details?

Under Spain's extreme stay-at-home orders, residents are not allowed to take a walk or jog alone, but pet owners may take their animals for a "brief stroll," according to Fox News.

KBTX-TV reported that on Thursday, the national police posted a photo on their official Twitter account showing that they had issued a citation for a man who was caught "walking" his pet fish, in a warning to others who might be tempted to use the tactic.

In other attempts to get some fresh air without punishment, citizens have been busted walking turtles and even stuffed animals to get around the ongoing ban against going outside.

Anything else?

Spain has been hit hard by COVID-19. With a death toll of more than 21,000 and over 208,000 infections, the country has the second-highest fatalities from the virus in Europe.

CBC reported this week that the nation will soon allow children to go outdoors "on short walks" after more nearly six weeks of banning kids from leaving their homes. The outlet noted that "the government bowed to pressure — including pot-banging protests on balconies — and said those under 14 would be able to take short walks outside under supervision."

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