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Students and families surprise school crossing guard with World Series tickets


We're not crying, you're crying

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A crossing guard at an Arlington, Virginia, school will be headed to the World Series courtesy of a group of caring students and the families.

What are the details?

Nottingham Elementary School crossing guard Jeff Covel always wanted to attend the World Series, and, in fact, such a trip was on his bucket list.

Covel crafted a hand-drawn sign that read, "Need World Series Tix (1 or 2) for 1 game only, prefer face value, 'bucket list,' Mr. Jeff Crossing Guard." He posted the sign near his crosswalk while he was on duty to find out if anyone in the area had tickets for sale.

Seeing the sign, parents were moved to spring for a nice surprise to make the beloved crossing guard's wish come true. One parent, Rachel Sullivan, snapped a photo of Covel's sign and shared it to a private Facebook group where other parent could view his creation. Another parent, Colleen Wright, began the task of researching ticket prices, and discovered that tickets for standing room only were going for $1,000 a piece.

According to CNN, Wright said, "I figured his job is standing, so I wasn't gonna make him stand at the World Series."

The Facebook group was able to raise $2,445 for tickets.

"Even when he doesn't have to, he comes to school events to support the kids," Wright said.

The group was able to purchase two tickets — one for Covel and one for his wife. The couple will attend Game 4 of the World Series, which is scheduled on Saturday. The Washington Nationals currently lead the Houston Astros in the series 2-0.

What else?

Covel, a retiree who has worked at the school for six years, told the outlet that he loves his job

"I really love what I do and I enjoy being there with a positive attitude," he said. "I teared up a little bit when I saw them coming down the street [to give me the tickets]. To me it means so much to be appreciated for doing something that I enjoy doing. They are my extended family."

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