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Suspect breaks into woman's home around midnight and confronts her — but she has a gun and shoots intruder

Red Huber/Orlando Sentinel/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Yet another individual has learned the sometimes painful lesson that if you break into a home in the United States, you might come face to face with a homeowner who not only owns a gun, but also is willing to fire it at you in self-defense.

And in this latest case out of Washington state, the lesson was most definitely painful.

What are the details?

Grant County sheriff's deputies spotted a stolen vehicle being driven in the area of Wheeler Road and O Road in Moses Lake — about 100 miles southwest of Spokane — and when the driver failed to stop, the deputies ended their pursuit, KEPR-TV reported.

However, Moses Lake police officers spotted the stolen vehicle abandoned in the 1400 block of Cougar Drive, and the station said that while police attempted to establish a perimeter, a 911 caller reported a break-in at her residence.

And it soon got even scarier.

According to an report, the suspect actually confronted the female homeowner.

And since she had a gun at the ready, the woman shot the intruder in self-defense around midnight Sunday, KEPR said.

Police told the station they found the suspect exiting the home, and medics transported the suspect by ambulance to Samaritan Healthcare to treat non-life-threatening injuries.

The suspect's name has not been released, reported. But KPQ-AM said charges are pending.

Anything else?

Moses Lake Police Chief Kevin Fuhr told KPQ that deputies terminated the vehicle chase due to Washington state's new policing laws.

Grant County Sheriff Tom Jones penned a July letter to citizens about the new laws — and he said one of them "virtually eliminates all police vehicle pursuits. Moving forward, deputies must have 'probable cause' to believe a person in the fleeing vehicle has committed a specific violent crime. This is a very high standard and nearly impossible to meet."

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