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Toronto 'anti-capitalist' cafe fails miserably after just one year
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Toronto 'anti-capitalist' cafe fails miserably after just one year

Karl Marx suggested in the "Communist Manifesto" that the proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains." Little did he know that one day an anti-capitalist would lose his overpriced coffee house.

The Anarchist is a leftist establishment in Toronto that touts itself as an "anti-capitalist, anti-colonial cafe, shop and radical community space on stolen land."

It was run into the ground by a self-described anti-capitalist from Vancouver who liberally utilized the hashtag #AbolishWork and #BeGayDoCrime.

The establishment sold — at a profit — anti-Israeli literature, T-shirts depicting police being hanged, and propaganda pieces promoting LGBT terrorism. Extra to inciting materials, its owner routinely peddled hatred and bigotry on the cafe's Instagram page.

In one instance, the owner, Gabriel Sims-Fewer, wrote, "Wishing the Pope, the Catholic clergy, and the 'Canadian' government the centuries of suffering and death that they have ever given the world," with the hashtags, "#burneverychurch #hailsatan #decolonize."

When Queen Elizabeth died, the owner again wrote on the cafe Instagram page, "The queen was ****, and should have died sooner."

Little over a year after opening on private property, the Anarchist, run by Gabriel Sims-Fewer, announced that it could not longer hack it in the real world and would be closing its doors on May 30.

Sims-Fewer, the white male son of a middle-class private-school teacher in the world's eighth-richest country, indicated that the cafe was true to its "anti-capitalist" branding in at least this regard: It failed because it was unable to raise capital.

"Unfortunately, the lack of generational wealth/seed capital from ethically bankrupt sources left me unable to weather the quiet winter season, or to grow in the ways needed to be sustainable longer-term," he wrote.

Despite failing, Sims-Fewer claimed that his cafe had been "a huge success."

Sims-Fewer concluded his admission of failure by writing, "F*** the rich. F*** the police. F*** the state. F*** the colonial death camp we call 'Canada'."

The Anarchist was roundly ridiculed by conservatives and fellow travelers alike at the time of its original debut, reported BlogTO.

One critic noted, "The owner is a rich white guy from Vancouver who opened up a coffee shop in a low-income neighbourhood."

Another wrote, "Nothing says anti-cap like charging $10 for a cup of coffee."

Sims-Fewer sold espressos for $3.75 CDN, lattes for $5.25, and cold brews for $4. For the "Marx & Engels," a piccolo latte, he charged $4 per beverage.

Despite stating, "I hate how everything in specialty coffee is so inaccessible to working class people, and inhospitable to everyone but the white upper middle class," Sims-Fewer acknowledged on his website that he had to keep prices high enough for him to keep the business open.

Just as Sims-Fewer refused to serve the police who protected his neighborhood and the soldiers who protected his country, shortly after opening he alienated additional prospective customers, telling leftists skeptical that his overpriced coffee amounted to "revolutionary progress" to "get f***ed."

Patrick Carroll, an editorial fellow at the Foundation for Economic Education, prophetically noted just weeks after the "anti-capitalist" cafe opened, "Entrepreneurs are more than welcome to try out a different business model like The Anarchist Cafe is doing. But remember, the consumers are the true boss here. If they don’t like that model — perhaps because it makes their coffee more expensive and they can buy cheaper coffee elsewhere that’s just as good — then they will quickly punish it with losses."

One commentator responding to the closure announcement wrote, "Aww, sad. It really makes you wonder ... does capitalism suck or do you just suck at capitalism?"

The Anarchist is Toronto's anti-capitalist cafeyoutu.be

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