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Trump announces GOP health care reform is coming. Here's what you need to know.


'The Republican Party will be known as the Party of Great HealthCare'

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Obamacare is the defining legislative achievement of the Obama presidency. And according to President Donald Trump, if he wins a second term in 2020, he plans to follow in his predecessor's footsteps, making health care reform the major legislative goal of his second term.

What are the details?

Trump announced Monday that the Republican Party will present a health care reform plan after the 2020 elections. Of course, the agenda is contingent upon Trump winning re-election next year.

Trump said via Twitter:

  • That while Democrats focus on Medicare for All, Republicans want to lower the overall cost of health care, including lowering health insurance premiums and deductibles.
  • The reform plan "will be far less expensive & much more usable than ObamaCare."
  • Lawmakers will vote on the plan after the 2020 elections, contingent upon Trump winning re-election, Republicans maintaining control of the Senate and regaining control of the House.
  • The plan will mandate health insurance companies cover Americans with pre-existing conditions, the most popular Obamacare component.

The president and the White House did not provide additional details.

What's the background?

Trump's announcement came just one week after the Justice Department revealed it was siding with a federal district court judge who ruled Obamacare unconstitutional last December.

District Court Judge Reed O'Connor's decision came after Republican tax reform in 2017 repealed Obamacare's "individual mandate," which mandated Americans purchase health insurance or pay a penalty, and served as the main leg the Supreme Court gave Obamacare to stand on when it ruled the mandate was constitutional as a "tax."

Previously, the Justice Department maintained the individual mandate could be severed from the main framework of Obamacare.

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