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​Trump campaign is selling 'Baby Lives Matter' onesies to protest abortion


They are styled after the Black Lives Matter logo

Image Source: Donald J. Trump campaign website

The campaign for President Donald Trump is selling "Baby Lives Matter" onesies on its website to promote the pro-life movement.

The product was originally offered as a promotion around the March for Life, CNN reported, but remains available for purchase as a limited edition item even as Black Lives Matter protests rage across the country over George Floyd's death.

Trump became the first sitting U.S. president to speak at the March for Life in January, an annual demonstration since 1973 in support of the pro-life movement.

"Proudly show you're investing in your baby's future to Make America Great Again with this incredibly soft, boutique-style one-piece," the product description on the campaign website reads.

The onesies appear to be styled after the Black Lives Matter logo:

The campaign's decision to continue selling the product — which co-opts Black Lives Matter messaging — even as protests for racial justice continue, is likely to enrage many.

Trump has expressed sympathy for George Floyd's family and has called for justice to be served against the police officers involved in his death. But he has also come down hard on the widespread violence and looting that has occurred alongside peaceful protests over the last three weeks.

In early June, he called on governors to "dominate" the rioters and looters who were taking advantage of the peaceful protests and exploiting them to pursue their own means.

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