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Former Trump campaign communications chief admits in deposition to hiring prostitutes on multiple occasions


This is from a lawsuit he filed against Gizmodo for defamation

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A deposition transcript shows former Trump campaign communications chief Jason Miller admitting to hiring prostitutes.

Here's what we know

The recording came from a deposition from a lawsuit that Miller filed against Gizmodo. Gizmodo ran an article claiming that Miller gave a Florida stripper an abortion pill without her knowledge. Miller promptly sued for defamation.

In the deposition, provided by Mediaite, Miller answered questions regarding a series of affairs that he admitted to having. Miller's legal team tried unsuccessfully to keep the record of this May 30 deposition sealed.

One of the affairs discussed in the deposition, which has been public knowledge for years, was with former Trump campaign adviser A.J. Delgado, who gave birth to Miller's son.

In the Mediaite report, Miller recounted that he hired prostitutes "in 2015, and then, I believe, again in 2017." The 2017 prostitute was hired in the spring after his wife gave birth to their daughter and the couple had "decided to try and make things work." This would have been shortly after he quit the Trump transition team.

He also admitted to going to a "massage parlor" where he received a "hand job" on "five or six" separate occasions, Mediaite reported. One of these visits happened in 2018, "a couple of months" before the deposition took place. He also discussed various trips to strip clubs in Florida and New York.

The part of the deposition that was made public is incomplete, and parts of it were redacted.

What else?

Miller did not deny the details of the deposition when Mediaite reached out to him but declined to comment further.

He did say that he knew he was "an imperfect person and have made a number of mistakes in my life. I love my family and have spent much of the past two years asking for forgiveness and working to prove my commitment to them and to become a better person for them."

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