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Trump spokesman says DOJ 'deranged'; report claims Trump went through boxes at Mar-a-Lago after subpoena

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A spokesperson for former President Trump accused the Department of Justice of prosecutorial misconduct and election interference based on an anonymously sourced piece in Sunday's Washington Post.

"The witch-hunts against President Trump have no basis in facts or law," Trump spokesperson Steven Cheung said in a written statement to the WaPo.

"The deranged special counsel and the DoJ have now resorted to prosecutorial misconduct by illegally leaking information to corrupt the legal process and weaponize the justice system in order to manipulate public opinion and conduct election interference, because they are clearly losing all across the board," Cheung also wrote.

Cheung was responding to a report in Sunday's Washington Post. The anonymously sourced piece claims the DOJ and FBI have amassed "fresh" evidence of alleged obstruction connected with the raid on Mar-a-Lago.

According to the WaPo's sources, investigators have evidence that boxes containing classified material were moved from the Mar-a-Lago storage area after the subpoena was served. The WaPo's sources say Trump "personally examined" at least some of those boxes.

The WaPo's anonymous sources based their claims of alleged obstruction on "witness statements, security camera footage, and other documentary evidence."

The Post says investigators are using email and text messages from a former Trump aide. The aide was granted anonymity, as were other sources in the article who spoke about the ongoing criminal investigation.

The outlet describes the evidence it says federal investigators have gathered in the classified documents case as "new and significant." Further, the report assesses that Trump's motivation in allegedly looking through the contents of some of the boxes was based on a "desire to keep certain things in his possession."

Jack Smith is the special counsel investigating the possible mishandling of classified materials at Trump's home in Florida. He is charged with looking at whether the former president himself attempted to obstruct officials attempting to gather the material or whether someone else may have done so at Trump's behest.

The Washington Post, as it has done in the past, made pointed distinctions between the Mar-a-Lago investigation involving classified materials and the multiple-location investigations into President Biden's alleged mishandling of classified materials.

The Post's anonymously sourced report was published just two days before Trump is scheduled to be arraigned in Manhattan.

Tuesday afternoon's arraignment, at which Trump's attorneys say he will plead not guilty, involves a a hush-money payment made to adult film actor Stormy Daniels before the 2016 election.

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