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Tucker Carlson rips ‘elite left’ for wearing blackface: ‘Modern liberalism is all about hypocrisy’
Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Politicon

Tucker Carlson rips ‘elite left’ for wearing blackface: ‘Modern liberalism is all about hypocrisy’

He's absolutely correct

Fox News' Tucker Carlson has attacked famous people who have recently admitted to wearing blackface — specifically liberal people — and pointed out that the action is nothing short of hypocrisy.

What did he say?

In an op-ed on Fox News, which was adapted from Carlson's Thursday night monologue on "Tucker Carlson Tonight," the host said that hypocrisy is at the root of modern liberalism.

Carlson wrote, "Judging by the news recently, it seems like an awful lot of people are showing up at parties dressed in costumes designed to look like members of another race. Blackface suddenly seems ubiquitous. But is it?"

He goes on to note that his readers probably have not dressed up in blackface, nor do they likely know anyone personally who has.

"Now, ask yourself what percentage of high-profile progressives have worn blackface in public?" he continued, and pointed to the latest Virginia scandal involving Democrats who have dressed in blackface in the past.

"Let's see: Two of the three highest ranking Democrats in the State of Virginia are white, and both of them have worn blackface. As a statistical matter, that is an astounding ratio," he explained. "But it probably shouldn't surprise us. Blackface turns out to be fairly common on the elite left."

Carlson went on to point out the antics of several celebrities, in particular, who have dressed up in blackface, including actor Ted Danson, "The View" co-host Joy Behar, comedian Sarah Silverman, and more.

"Over at NBC," Carlson wrote, "there has been quite a bit of blackface over the years, though you would never know it from how the network attacked its former anchor, Megyn Kelly."

Kelly, he added, never appeared in blackface as far as the world today knows.

"She merely asked a question about blackface," Carlson explained, pointing to Kelly's dismissal from the network after she questioned whether it was OK to wear blackface as a Halloween costume.

Carlson added, "It's pretty clear that the very people most likely to wear blackface are also the most likely to demand that you get fired if you do the same."

"That's the definition of hypocrisy," he declared. "But, it's deeper than that. Hypocrisy isn't simply a recurring feature of modern liberalism. It's the whole point of it."

The conservative host went on to ask, "Why is it that the very people who attack others on the basis of their skin color always seem to be the first people to lecture the rest of us about racism? What is all of this? Well, they know they are guilty of the very same things. It all makes sense now."

You can read the rest of his fiery essay here.


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